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What place does bitcoin have in the political debate?



What is Bitcoin’s place in the national and international political debate? Panel discussion moderated by Charlie Perreau at the conference. Surfin’Bitcoin 2022.

With :

– Pierre Person was a deputy for Paris (6th constituency), a graduate in health law and town planning law, he is one of the few political defenders of the crypto-ecosystem. Before his departure from Parliament, Pierre published a 204-page report, entitled “Currencies, banks and finance: towards a new cryptographic era.”

– Christophe De Beukelaer, Member of the Brussels Parliament in. Les Engagés and founder of the Blockchain conference in Brussels

– Jean-Marie Cambacérès is a former MP and former president of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) of France. He was part of the international delegation that visited the Central African Republic shortly after bitcoin was adopted as legal tender in the country.

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