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What is Injective (INJ) and how to buy it? ✅ 2022



Store INJ

This is not the first time we at have stressed the importance of the Keeping our assets in a safe place.

Although exchanges are a good option for buying or selling cryptocurrencies, it is not advisable to store your assets on them. If a hacker attacks the platform, you are very likely to lose your cryptocurrencies, as has happened a considerable number of times on different platforms.

Wallets for INJ

It is therefore important to be aware of the different types of cryptocurrency storage options The pros and cons of the existing system as well as its pros and cons. It is always recommended to Keep them offlinethe more isolated they are from the Internet, the more secure they will be.

There are several alternatives with this function:

Hardware Wallet

On the one hand, the hardware portfolio are a highly recommended option for any cryptocurrency. These devices are one of the safest ways to store them, as both keys and cryptocurrencies remain under our safekeeping. Some hardware wallet options include. Ledger Nano S or TREZOR.

Paper wallet

Another option is the paper wallet. It is nothing more than an important sheet of paper on which both the private and public keys are listed.. This option is also considered very secure, however, great care must be taken and guard it well so that no one has access to it and that we can find it when we need it.

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More wallets

On their website we find. official portfolios for different operating systems that can be downloaded.

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