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What is BitDAO (BIT) and how to buy it? ✅ 2022



BitDAO is a recently launched open source blockchain project that is on its way to taking one of the top 50 positions in the cryptocurrency market capitalization ranking.

It is one of the the largest DAO in the world and is supported by Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera, Dragonfly, Spartan, Bybit and others.

The project aims to offer open finance and decentralized economy.

The team is confident of DeFi’s success and will allocate financial resources to support its growth. The DAO expects To support a wide range of projects in addition to DeFi, such as other DAOs, NFTs, and games.

Support will be in the form of. research and development, liquidity and financing.

Research and development

– They will have cResearch and development centers To develop the fundamental protocols of BitDAO.

– They will develop BitDAO DeFi Productswill support DeFi partners and provide incubation services to DeFi start-up projects.


BitDAO will control one of the the largest pools of activity. This can be used to pProvide liquidity to partner protocols.s. Will be able to start new protocols such as DEX, loans, and synthetics.


BitDAO claims to give support for blockchain technology through grants. It will also support DeFi’s projects through token exchange, as explained below.


To achieve the desired growth, a series of partnerships with projects through cryptocurrency trading platforms.

It intends to build technology that provides a better and easier experience for users. He also wants this technology to help improve the functionality of his platform. These improvements may relate to, for example, network governance solutions or increasing incentives and profitability.

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Exchange: users can exchange BITs for other tokens. This exchange will allow the platform to accumulate a collection of other DeFI projects. The network will then be incentivized to support other partner projects to become category leaders.

Staking: users can staking to support the network’s security protocol and receive rewards for doing so.

Trading: users can deposit their BIT tokens and trade by browsing their funds in the appropriate wallet sections to earn money.

Incentives and rewards: network users benefit from rewards and incentives based on excess network functions.

Governance: users are the fundamental engine of DAO; actions and development are always conducted in agreement. As is often the case, the governance power of each user is dictated by the number of tokens they possess.

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