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Twitter may be working on a cryptocurrency wallet



Twitter may be working on the development of a “wallet“or portfolio for digital assets.” The information was reportedly leaked from the official account of Jane Manchun Wong, who has previously leaked sensitive information from other platforms such as Facebook.

A few hours ago information was leaked that Twitter may be working on its own portfolio of digital assets.. The software would be implemented directly within the platform and would be used by the social network’s users to transact with each other. The wallet would also allow for the storage of assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This information has been filtered by the “hacker” Jane Manchun Wong via her official Twitter profile.. Jane is a well-known blogger in the field of new technologies for digging into the code of several applications and uncovering undisclosed information, i.e., leaks. Using reverse engineering, Jane was able to uncover undisclosed information from applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.. The 28-year-old says she does this type of research for purely personal enjoyment.

One of Jane’s most notable leaks occurred in 2019, this discovered that Facebook was working to convert the News Feed to the Stories Feed.. This change occurred on several platforms during the same year, with stories becoming the most common way of sharing information on social networks. This leak would become a reality with Facebook’s implementation of the story system shortly after Jane’s publication.

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Jane tends to use her networks only to post information that she has discovered and that usually turns out to be true. Her reputation is one of the main reasons why the community believes that Twitter’s new portfolio may become a reality.


Twitter has reportedly hinted that it is interested in creating decentralized applications within its platform.. In November 2021, Twitter reportedly hired Tess Rinearson to create a new team of developers to bring new decentralized applications to its platform.. The introduction of NFT as profile images also made clear the platform’s interest in exploring decentralized features.

For now, Twitter has not confirmed the information Jane provided, and her post is still available on the platform. The social network is known to support its users’ freedom of expression, so if her comment has been deleted, it may just be further evidence that the leak is real.

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