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Twitter Coin could become the social network’s cryptocurrency



Rumors that Twitter Coin may become the social network’s official cryptocurrency are growing. Users of the platform are analyzing data and formulating their own theories in the wake of the leaks.

The buy of Twitter by Elon Musk marked a turning point in the future and progress of the platform. Musk has implemented a large number of changes, and while previously the bluebird’s social network was already the one closest to digital assets, this aspect has now been strengthened. The community plays a key role in making cryptocurrencies so present on the platform and it is the same community that seems to have discovered a possible cryptocurrency for the platform itself.

Twitter Coin, Twitter’s cryptocurrency.

The rumor about a possible “Coin Twitter“has only grown in recent weeks. It is believed that the administration is developing a resource that could be used to make payments and tips to creators locally within Twitter.

Twitter’s cryptocurrency community has taken it upon itself to dig and search for information about the asset. The profile of Nima Owjian account that focuses on leaks related to Twitter itself, posted information about this possible Twitter Coin. December 3, launched a string of tweets in which he shows a The initial interface of what looks like the Twitter wallet.where purchases and exchanges can be made, as well as tip creators. In the second part of the tweet, you can see a vector image Of the coin logo itselfwith the Twitter logo on the inside.

The researcher’s account and “leakerJane Manchun Wongalso posted tweets in which she claimed to have extracted a development version of the Twitter interface showing both the Twitter Coin wallet and the Twitter Coin logo.. For some unknown reason, the posts were deleted from Wong’s account, but this is not the first time the woman has posted information about a possible digital asset wallet on Twitter. In October of this year, Wong posted a series of tweets, also deleted, stating that a portfolio of native digital assets was being developed within Twitter.

The hashtag TwitterCoin has been very active in recent days.. The community is showing great interest in the possibility that Twitter is working on an alternative to fiat currencies as a method of payment.. Many blame this attempted change on the arrival of Elon Musk on the platform.

The rumor of a possible Twitter Coin has also divided the community over its ideas. With the indiscretion about Twitter Coin, the Twitter Coin part of the the community that supports Integration of Doge Coin into the platform has resurfaced to support the asset.. Many users believe that these leaks are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that Twitter is working on the final integration of DOGE as a currency within the platform.

The community continues to believe in a possible integration of DOGE due to Elon Musk’s own affinity for the project.. In the past, Musk has made a number of comments that have led to an increase in the value of the asset.

Musk himself referred to the integration of digital assets into Twitter on December 4, during the last Twitter Space. Musk has made it known that he is still interested in integrating cryptocurrencies into the social network.

There is no doubt that Twitter is interested in having payment methods, both fiat and crypto.“.

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