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This wallet allows Lightning to be used without adding bitcoin to the network.



Key facts:
  • Among the tools designed in open source by NBD is a portfolio for Lightning.

  • All the tools, which include a client for Ligthtning, focus on the use of channels.


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Zebedee has launched a suite of open source products for Bitcoin’s Lightning. The initiative is part of a project called NBD, which stands for no big deal or nothing at all.

NBD is focusing at this early stage on developing products that facilitate the use of Lightning in Bitcoin. All of the tools launched in this package, which includes a wallet called Open Bitcoin Wallet (OBW), are focused on the the use of channels hosted on the Lightning network..

Hosted channels essentially eliminate the need for a user to program a channel and enter liquidity in order to operate the channel. Lightning network. In other words, it allows the creation of a type of payment channel in Lightning where a trusted third party is in charge of ensuring channel liquidity.This means that the user should not leave funds in payment channels that he or she does not use all the time.

This is not ideal from the perspective of Bitcoin ideology (don’t trust anyone, be sovereign and all that), but it is, in our opinion, one of the best solutions available so far for scaling onboarding and access to Bitcoin. Because, at the end of the day, if we want people to use a solution, it has to be both useful (and Lighting has already proven to be so) and usable (which Lightning is not necessarily at the moment, unless you are technical enough, already have enough bitcoin, or are using an escrow service like Zebedee).


This means that with this solution it is not necessary for two users to deposit BTC into a smart contract.which is how they originally created a payment guarantee to use the Lightning network through the payment channels they would use themselves.

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Regarding the portfolio OBWcan be said to connect to Electrum’s servers and supports RBF, or transaction-based fee replacement. It can also connect to a Tor network, which provides more privacy while browsing the Internet.

This wallet can be used with the standard performance of Lightningwithout using hosted channels. In addition, it supports the creation of LNURL transactions, a feature that allows payment invoices to be created in the form of QRs without an Internet connection.

Other open source tools for NBD Lightning.

In addition to the open source portfolio, the NBD team has designed other tools. Among them is Poncho. It is an add-on for those managing Lightning nodes with CoreLightning software. Basically allows you to create hosted channels and are functional Through portfolios such as OBW.

Cliché is another tool released in this package. It is a software to manage Lightning, in the style of LND or CoreLightning, which already incorporates the ability to create hosted channels.

Since this is open source software, like all those in this package, the NBD team jokes about it, “Yes, you can fork it and sell it for profit, but good luck.”

Finally, NBD provides the developer community with a library of programming solutions that allow. add Lightning networking capabilities a wallets that lack them. The interesting aspect here is that these functions can be incorporated with the option plug and play or plug and play.

From the point of view of the ideology that founded Bitcoin, open source projects like NBD offer the developer community ways to collaborate for a common goal. In this case, the growth of an effective electronic money network that does not depend on states or banks to function.

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