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This Ethereum dApp allows you to earn money by translating texts



There is much talk about the possible non-financial use cases of decentralized applications (dApps) created on Ethereum. One of these, called Linguo, offers the possibility of earning money by translating Bitcoin and Ethereum texts into different languages, a specialization not always found on digital bulletin boards for translators. However, the platform is not limited to these topics.

Linguodeveloped by Kleros, runs on the Ethereum mainnet. However, the most jobs are available when using the dApp on the Gnosis network.The site’s homepage advertises job openings, with the intent of taking advantage of lower commissions, according to a notice on the site’s homepage.

Other networks that can be used are POA Network Sokol and tesnet Kovan. All are compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), since. the platform relies on smart contracts to function.

We tested the dApp and here is what we saw

The procedure in Linguo is as follows. When you connect to the Metamask wallet or other dApp-compatible wallets, the translator (or really anyone who has language skills and can demonstrate eligibility) must specify which languages it handles and at what level. In Linguo there are no assessments, so one can rely on the skills that each person states.

The criterion used to distinguish the level of proficiency in a language is that of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The options are, on an increasing scale of level, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Level B2 is the minimum level required to translate into Linguo.

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Once this is done, the dashboard is accessed, where the available translation offerings are presented. During CryptoNews’ testing of the dApp.there were 9 jobs available in different language pairs.But all in the Gnosis network.

translation tasks available in linguo
Some of the translation tasks offered on Linguo. Source: Linguo/

How to earn money by translating into Linguo?

To take a translation in Linguo, the user must deposit a guarantee. This sum of money will be used to compensate the person posting the job offer in case of failure to meet the stipulated conditions, both in terms of deadline and translation quality.

It also ensures that the person offering to translate does not lie about his or her competence, as he or she has financial incentives to act honestly.

In the section on questions and answers Of Linguo details that There are three types of translations: basic, standard and professional.. Each requires translators of a certain level on the CEFR scale and has a more or less wide range of errors.

For example, in the test carried out by this medium, the translation of a text on Bitcoin of 3,400 words was performed. This required a deposit of 42 xDAI – stablecoin tokens (DAI) in the Gnosis network – and the maximum delivery period is five months. The payment for the work amounts to 120 xDAI.

example of linguo translation work
Once the funds have been deposited and the assignment accepted, the translator can start working on the chosen text. Source: Linguo/

In Linguo, Translations can also be requested. This requires entering the language pair, desired quality, number of words, deadline for delivery, and fee to be paid. After uploading the file and depositing the necessary funds, the request is published.

Those who request a translation must also make a deposit to pay for it. A minimum and maximum amount is asked to be paid for the work. The longer a translator does not accept the job, the more money he is offered. Anything left over automatically goes back into the bidder’s wallet.

ordering a translation into liguo
Linguo also allows you to request translations by following a few simple steps. Source: Linguo/

Smart contracts govern exchanges

All these conditions are governed by a intelligent contract signed by both parties and not modifiable. However, after delivery of the translation, there shall be a review period of seven days in which the quality of the text is evaluated.

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If the results are as expected, payment to the translator is released. If the text is not good enough, the guarantee deposited by the translator is withheld. In case a dispute arises between the parties, the Decentralized Court of Kleros -reported in previous issues of this journal-will mediate and resolve the case.

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