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Testing begins on new version of Bitcoin Core, with improvements to wallet



To test the new version of Bitcoin Core, it is not important to be a software developer. The main client (or software) for running Bitcoin already has its main candidate ready. All that is left for the user community to do is to test the behavior of the improvements and standardized functions. Publishing a guide facilitates testing.

The new version of Bitcoin Core New versions of this software are released publicly every six months (and sometimes a bit longer). Previously, the community has the opportunity to run several tests. This candidate software has been under testing since the beginning of September.

Bitcoin Is open source, anyone can check its operation and propose improvements.. It can also be copied to create new networks, as has happened many times before.

According to a publication by Andreas Kouloumos, a Bitcoin-focused programmer who is leading a project to discover Who is funding the developers of Bitcoin, no advanced programming skills required.

“It is not necessary to be a command-line wizard. Try the GUI on its own-it is still useful and encouraging!” suggested Koloumos in a tweet. In short, anyone can test the most popular features of Bitcoin Core simply by using the program. For example, verifying that the wallet smoothly copies transaction history and allows you to view balances.

New features that anyone can test in Bitcoin Core 24

Bitcoin Core 24 uses new logic to offload “headers from peers.” In other words, information transmitted between the computers (or nodes) that make up the network will be offloaded to each node in a way that mitigates a potential denial of service attack (DoS). According to Kouloumos, the initial synchronization could reveal any errors in this procedure.

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The new version of Bitcoin Core allows you to restore a wallet from the GUI or the main interface. Previously it was necessary to use an interface for RPC (a program that allows you to run software from another computer).

For testing, you can create a portfolio or use an existing portfolio.. Restore or perform a backup. Verify that the scales and labels are correct.

Legacy wallets (those that start with 1 and could be created with early versions of Bitcoin) will no longer be supported in the future. To work around this new condition of Bitcoin, Experimental mechanisms will be implemented to migrate from legacy addresses to addresses compatible with new versions of the software, such as. SegWit.

Koloumos also suggests looking for ambiguities in GUI shortcuts, especially if using translations, because by default the main language used for the user interface is English.

Tomorrow, September 28, the will be held a joint review (Bitcoin Core PR review club) to discuss Bitcoin Core 24 for one hour.

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