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Terra y Luna’s Do Kwon wanted in 195 countries under Interpol red alert



Key facts:
  • Do Kwon is wanted in South Korea for violating that country’s market law.

  • After the collapse, Kwon fled to Singapore, but his whereabouts are now unknown.

The international police (Interpol) have reportedly issued a red alert for the search and capture of Do Kwon, the co-founder of the failed cryptocurrencies terraUSD (UST) and luna (LUNA), whose whereabouts are currently unknown after he relocated from Singapore, where he was fleeing South Korean justice.

According to a report According to Bloomberg’s report, Interpol has reportedly asked the security forces of that organization’s 195 member countries to to locate and arrest Kwonwho would be responsible for the fall of the cryptocurrencies and the resulting massive loss of investors’ money, event that kicked off the bear market. (bear market) of this year.

Kwon is facing charges in South Korea and possibly wanted internationally for various crimes, such as defrauding an investor and creating a Ponzi (pyramid) scheme. To launder money and evade taxes.

At the time of writing this article, Do Kwon’s profile has not yet been registered on the official wanted page Interpol’s official wanted page. In any case, if confirmed, he would become a member of of the dense list of 7,152 red alerts currently active by international police.

An Interpol red alert or warning refers to a request to locate a wanted person in one of Interpol’s member countries, as well as his or her provisional arrest. The ultimate goal is to request their extradition.

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Do Kwon did not react to the red alert now hanging over him, although in his last Twitter post.nine days ago, denied that he is on the run and that he is under orders from “any government agency” that wants to contact him. “We are very cooperative and have nothing to hide,” Kwon said.

Interpol’s suspected red alert against Do Kwon comes just days after a South Korean court issued the arrest warrant against computer scientist For violating the Asian country’s market law.

But before the order was issued, Kwon had fled to Singapore. However, it appears that the developer escaped from that country and his whereabouts are now unknown.

The collapse of the earth and moon

As reported by CryptoNews in May.the algorithmic stable cryptocurrency terraUSD lost parity with the U.S. dollar and caused the loss of its sister currency, luna, lose much of its capitalization and plummet to zero dollars.

This situation led to an unprecedented crisis for investors. The situation degenerated to the point of suicide. and the decapitalization of those who bet on the now failed projects, which they then tried to revive without much success.

Added to this is a real earthquake at the base of the cryptocurrency market, which caused, in part, the bear market Which is still poised in the ecosystem.

Because of this scenario, Do Kwon was blamed by the entire market for causing the collapse. This also triggered several criminal investigations in his home country, which would lead to this international alert for his arrest.

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Kwon did not appear in public until several months after the collapse. In an interview, admitted that he had “made a mistake.” with the cryptocurrencies he created, but without taking responsibility for the events. According to his statement at the time, he did not want to make money from the projects.

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