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Tamadoge announces listing on OKX – X5 to come!



Pre-sale investors will be able to claim their TAMA tokens starting at 07:00 GMT, four hours before the project’s first exchange listing, by clicking on the “Claim” button on the, the project’s official website..


Please note that Tamadoge team members will not provide individual investors with links to claim TAMA tokens. Beware of fraudulent sites that mimic the official site or OKX.

Good performance in presale – 19 million!

One of the most talked about cryptocurrency presales of 2022, Tamadoge, sold out its tokens during, generating 19 million USDT between July 25 and September 18.

The deflationary crypto meme TAMA, which will serve as an incentive token for an upcoming Play-to-earn cryptocurrency game in which users battle virtual NFT pets, is expected to have significant upside potential once listed on OKX.

Its superior pre-sale performance compared to Ethereum and the well-known Move-to-earn platform StepN is a strong indication of its future development potential. By 2023, some experts estimate a 10-fold increase, while others predict a 50-fold increase in price. x5 is therefore a realistic target for the TAMA memecoin.

Tamadoge addresses some of the problems of other well-known meme coins, such as Dogecoin’s infinite supply and Shiba Inu’s gigantic supply, which do not support its long-term price increase.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) trading on OKX.


Although the Tamadoge project plans to list on other exchanges, OKX will serve as the initial exchange offering (IOE), the launch pad to facilitate Tamadoge trading.

OKX (formerly OKEx) is a centralized exchange (CEX) with its own DEX.

New OKX customers can also win a $10,000 surprise prize.

As the Sept. 27 trading date approaches, follow the Tamadoge’s latest news on its website..

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