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SWOOSH: Nike unveils its NFT platform



Nike has launched a NFT platform with the aim of bringing together all its creations virtual creations. Currently in beta, .SWOOSH will soon offer a first collection of cards.

Nike is accelerating in the NFT with the launch, in beta version, of a new platform called . SWOOSH.

SWOOSH is home to all of Nike’s virtual creations. Nike’s virtual creations are typically interactive digital objects (such as virtual sneakers or T-shirts) that can be worn as wearables in video games or other immersive experiences,” the U.S. sports apparel manufacturer explained in a blog post.

Before publishing his first collection in . SWOOSHNike says it wants to educate its customers first. In December, the platform will offer ” educational challenges “. Will begin offering the first digital objects on the blockchain. Polygon as of January 2023.

In the end, Nike wants to make .SWOOSH A “home” that allows your community to shop, trade and also ” co-create “of the virtual goods.

“That’s right. Some of you will have the opportunity to learn how to make virtual creations that can be translated into video games and experiences. And, for a select few creators who win our community challenges, you can earn a copyright on the virtual products you create with us,” the company says.

Nike jumped headfirst into the NFT ecosystem last year with the purchase of famed studio RTKFT. The comma brand, which launched its first collection of digital sneakers last spring, has now generated more than $180 million in revenue. of non-expendable tokens, according to VogueBusiness. Rivals Adidas and Puma won respectively. 11 and 1.3 million respectively.

We are shaping a marketplace of the future with an accessible platform for the Web3 curious. In this new space, the community . SWOOSH and Nike can create, share and enjoy together,” said Ron Faris, CEO of Nike Virtual Studios, in a statement.

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