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Step (FITFI) app that reinvents fitness partners with Usain Bolt



Blockchain technology use cases still have a long way to go. Among them, applications “Move to win have emerged with the aim of reinventing the way we exercise. And in this field, the Step App platform, which already seems to be attracting thousands of users, has announced a partnership with the famous Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Step App is an innovative fitness app that allows you to. earn cryptocurrencies while exercising (mainly walking). Directly inspired by Stepn, it is however very different from its competitor. In fact, unlike the latter, Step App has seen things in a big way: a blockchain (built on Avalanche) and a specific ecosystem have been created for the occasion. This is with the aim of allowing users to earn money by earning more cryptocurrencies through the sport. It is also envisioned that users will be able to play on a metaverse. This is not the case for the application currently leading the market.

“The platform turns everyday exercise activities, such as walking the dog or going for a daily run in the park, into social activities or competitions with friends or strangers that encourage consumers to earn tokens by exercising.”

Press Release. Press Release, Step App.


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Step App to hold a conference in Tokyo on December 1.

According to a company statement, Usain Bolt will present and host the Step App conference in Tokyo on Thursday, December 1, 2022. This is the most important event of the year for the company, as it commemorates the move the app from public beta to the main app launch.. More than 20 million users have already responded to the launch.

We are looking forward to bringing the Step App community together, in person, in Tokyo this December. We invite everyone interested in the move-to-earn movement to join us as we revolutionize the potential of blockchain technology and motivate society to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Statement by Kirill Volgin, general director of Step App.

Participants will be able to attend the conference with one of three packages ” Fan” , ” Believer “y” Pioneer” . The latter is the most important (and therefore the most expensive), as it involves a meeting with Usain Bolt. Believer and Pioneer ticket holders will have the opportunity to win 5 steps exclusive to NFT.

“The launch of Step App is just the beginning of what’s to come within the Step ecosystem. We are excited to continue to bring innovative product offerings to our community around the world and change the way people think about integrating exercise into their daily lives. ”

Statement from Kirill Volgin, CEO of Step App.

The latest fantasy, Step App, has introduced the ” SNEAKs “This means that users will be able to buy, trade and wear them in their digital space. This means that users will be able to buy, trade and wear them in their digital space.

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