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Shytoshi Kusama gives news of the burning of SHIB



Last week, Shiba Inu fans were in for a surprise after Shytoshi Kusama dropped a crucial update about an upcoming project in the community that will likely benefit its owners.

Kusama’s tweet is believed to be related to a planned combustion mechanism for one of the community initiatives.

Kusama’s latest tweet that caught our attention:

On September 17, in a speech to the Shib Army, Kusama said : “iThere will be some combustions in the game period. Details to come will explain why #ShibaEternity is powerful, challenging and impressive for Shib, Shiboshi and Shibarium holders once the blockchain version is released….“.

In addition, responding to one of the users’ tweets, Kusama said, “I will explain in detail just before the download day. There will be a lot to talk about as this is much more than a game….

From these tweets, it appears that the development of. Shiba Inu is up to something in “Shiba Eternity“, which will help reduce the total supply of SHIBs in circulation and allow players to enjoy the CCG. In addition, the community expects Kusama to provide more details before the game’s download day.

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Some believe that this announcement is related to what they mentioned in December last year.

The lead developer wrote in a tweet last year:”ALL NEW PLATFORMS WILL HAVE $SHIB BURNS.“. Shibaswap v2. shibarium. Shibanet. The only exception is the game. But there is a reason for that.“Interestingly, last month, this tweet was shared again by former Shiba Inu growth member GossipShib.

Launch of “Shiba Eternity” in Australia:

Notably, Shiba Inu launched its blockchain-based card game, Shiba Eternity, in Australia last week. The next release is expected to be the official release of the game in all geographies around the world through Download Day.

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