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Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) fall as Metacade presale draws investors in



Despite the bear market in cryptocurrencies, there is some hope for major cryptocurrencies. Traders had high hopes for the Ethereum merger, which contributed to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) rally. As for Ripple (XRP), is nearing the possible end of the long-running SEC legal case that has affected its share price. In the meantime, investors looking for news are buying Metacade in this pre-sale period of projects. The MCADE utility token will offer many features, such as Play-to-Earn (P2E) and metaverse themes, to fuel its future growth.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a Web3 community platform. in development where players and developers can come together to collaborate and have fun with blockchain games. The ultimate goal of the project is a community arcade with a dynamic P2E reward ecosystem. Developers can earn Metagrants for their best game ideas, and players can test and evaluate these games before they are validated in the project. All of this will be backed by the MCADE utility token, which will be used not only for governance voting, but also for contests, gaming tournaments and betting.

Token-based economy at the heart of Metacade.

Staking is the term given to a mechanism for locking one’s tokens in order to keep them on a platform to earn rewards on DeFi projects, usually in exchange for an annual interest rate. For the Metacade community, this reward corresponds to a share of the project’s be paid in another cryptocurrency to avoid inflation of this utility token. Once these revenue streams are created, there will also be a mechanism to burn tokens to destroy some of them to reduce the number of coins in circulation. The total supply of fixed tokens at launch will be 2 billion MCADE tokens, of which 1.4 billion will be allocated for presale.

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What happened to Ethereum Classic?

With the cryptocurrency bear market, Ethereum Classic (ETC) bottomed in June at around $15. The project then recovered to $42 before the Ethereum meltdown. The Ethereum upgrade saw the project switch from the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work mining technology to Proof-of-Stake. For cryptocurrency miners who owned Proof-of-Work hardware and thus needed a new destination, ETC was the ideal destination. However, crypto has fallen back to $22.

What are the prospects for Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple (XRP) has experienced a recent rally and the Ripple team expects the legal case against the SEC to end as soon as possible. The U.S. market regulator has criticized Ripple for exposing securities in the same way as equity offerings. If this characterization stands, it would mean additional regulation for Ripple and many other cryptocurrency tokens. XRP’s price has gone from $0.30 to its current price of $0.50, but has been stable since then.

Why invest in Metacade?

The rise of ETC was a short-term reaction based on a transition of miners, but there is no real interest in this cryptocurrency, and miners soon became disappointed with mining that only brought them low returns. In the case of Ripple, the XRP token has the potential to rise again if Ripple gets a ruling in its favor. Anyway, this would only be the beginning of the wave, as the project, interrupted by the court process, has not seen any real progress.

Instead, Metacade is a new project that brings a new theme to the P2E world with a community-run virtual arcade. With a wide variety of games available, Metacade project is likely to attract a large following and a high demand for MCADE tokens.. ETC and XRP have seen a decent resurgence, with the latter having the best prospects for continued gains, but Metacade could eclipse both.

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The rise of Ethereum Classic (ETC) is based on a short-term trend following the Ethereum merger and mainly because miners are migrating to another platform for more profit. Ripple’s (XRP) rise is also a short-term move as traders expect a positive outcome in the SEC case. This is not a foregone conclusion, and even with a win, the project has not shown any signs of development over the past two years. In any case, Metacade has the potential to dethrone these two projects in terms of return on investment. In fact, the Metacade project aims to create a community-driven P2E gaming platform focused on the potential offered by the metaverse. This alone should encourage investors to jump into the MCADE token market.

You can participate in the pre-sale of Metacade. here.

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