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Porsche launches its own NFT collection inspired by the iconic 911



Porsche launches its first NFT collection inspired by the iconic Porsche 911 model.. The collection will consist of 7,500 unique NFTs, divided by rarity, and a new variant named “Porsche 911.”lifestyle“.

The automobile manufacturer Porsche decided to make the leap from the streets to Web3 and, of course, did so through NFTs.. Porsche will take its first steps into the blockchain ecosystem with the launch of its first NFT collection, which will be inspired by the iconic 911 model. For the launch of this collection, the manufacturer used the services of 3D artist Patrick Vogel and his ALT/SHIFT studio.who will be responsible for creating 7,500 unique NFTs.

The 3 phases of the Porsche NFT project.

To launch its collection, Porsche decided to divide the process into 3 distinct phases.

First phase (The 911, a virtualized icon).

Porsche began making cars in 1931 and has since created a variety of different and iconic models. At first glance, names like the Panamera, Carrera GT, or 918 Spyder come to mind, but none is as iconic and remembered as the 911 model.

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With its sporty and timeless styling, the Porsche 911 has been passed down from generation to generation as an iconic model.almost like the hallmark of the brand. For this reason, the management of the German company decided that this is the first of its vehicles to become an NFT..


A total of 7,500 NFTeach one different from the other, which will show a representation of the 911 model inside. Owners of these assets will have access to a new world of Porsche where the rewards are real and unique..

Second phase (Three ways to define your journey)

Porsche wanted NFT owners themselves to be able to decide which path to take within Web3 for each 911. The user will be able to choose from 3 different paths to follow divided between: Performance Heritage or Lifestyle.

Each route is different and is intended to represent the driving style of each of the NFT owners. Performance provides an experience based on exploiting the vehicle’s maximum potential. On a professional circuit inspired by Le Mans or Dakar races. Heritage focuses more on history, on considering the Porsche 911 as a classic. with thousands of details to achieve a unique design. The last mode focuses on a journey full of pleasures when it comes to contact with the environment. through guidance.

Third phase (Create your own rarity)

As usual, NFT collections feature assets that have their own rarity as well as having a unique piece. Usually this rarity is randomly generated or you pay extra for it when you purchase the asset, but Porsche wanted to put an extra twist on this aspect.

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The rarity of each NFT in the 911 collection will be created according to the instructions provided by the creator.. By combining the creator’s tastes with vehicle styles and choosing one of 3 paths, each model will become a truly iconic work of art, with over 150,000 different variations.

Release date of the collection Porsche

Porsche aims to prepare 7,500 NFTs by next January 2023.. The token auction will be limited to three models per person, corresponding to the 3 possible paths to follow.

The owner of each asset will be able to materialize their car in the metaverse through a representation created with Unreal Engine 5.

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