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Poloniex welcomes the World Cup with fan tokens



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The start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is getting closer and closer. And you can feel the excitement of fans in the air. With less than a month to go before the World Cup, fan token prices of the various teams have increased, some by as much as 30 percent within a couple of days.

In case you were wondering, Fan tokens are digital assets that grant access to exclusive sports club services.which can include merchandising and the right to participate in certain club decisions. Over the past year, the adoption of these tokens has increased significantly, and one proof of this is that exchanges such as Poloniex are listing these cryptoassets on their platform.

The exchange has launched a campaign to celebrate the listing of fan tokens called “Poloniex FIFA World Cup Carnival“. It will distribute $100,000 in prizes through several activities, one of which began Oct. 24.

Poloniex has organized two promotions to celebrate the start of the World Cup. The first is that its users must accumulate fan tokens to win a share of the prize, which in this case is US$50,000. The promotion is valid from October 24 to November 19, 2022, when the winners will be announced.

Only those who accumulate a total of 50 Fan Tokens Badges will be eligible for a share of the prize. Users get one point for each token. Once they collect 10 Fan Token Badges, they can convert them to a Football Badge, which results in 10 additional points.

How to get Poloniex fan tokens.

The more points a participant has, the higher the prize he or she will receive. And how do you get Poloniex fan tokens? There are four ways to get them:

  1. Register: When a user successfully registers for the promotion, they will receive 3 Fan Token Badges. They will also earn another one each day by logging in to the promotion page.
  2. Trading: For every 100 USDT of spot trading volume for a specific fan token, Poloniex will award a Fan Token Badge. The same applies to those who have a volume of 200 USDT in perpetual kick contracts and CHZ contracts.
  3. Invite friends: you can also earn fan tokens by referring other people. You earn one cryptoasset for every 100 USDT of spot trades made by a referral. If the referral trades futures or CHZ contracts, he or she must reach 200 USDT for the user who invited him or her to receive the token.
  4. Participate in social networks: Those who join the official events of Poloniex Twitter and tag the exchange, tokens will be earned.
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As for the number of fan tokens available, there are ten in total. Here are their names and respective clubs:

  • SANTOS – Santos FC.
  • LAZIO – S.S. Lazio.
  • PORTO – FC Porto.
  • JUV – Juventus FC.
  • PSG – Paris Saint-Germain F.C..
  • ASR – A. S. Roma.
  • ATM – Atlético de Madrid.
  • CITY – Manchester City.
  • BAR – FC Barcelona.
  • ACM – AC Milan.

Participants with more than 100 tokens will be ranked according to the amount of digital goods collected and will receive additional points as shown in the table below:

Fan token ranking Points awarded
1a 1.000
2a 800
3a 500
4-10 200
11-30 100
31-100 50
101-200 20
Points awarded based on user evaluation. Source: Poloniex.

The prize pool starts at US$20,000 and will increase to US$50,000 as the number of participants in the promotion increases, as specified by Poloniex on its website.

Bet to win: the other Poloniex promotion.

The cryptocurrency exchange’s second promotion. will take place from November 11 to December 19.. To participate, users must vote for the team they think will win in each match.

If the team they voted for turns out to be the winner, participants will receive twice as many points as their votes. If it loses, the votes are cancelled. In case of a tie, users on both sides will get the points corresponding to the number of votes.

After each game, those who scored 50 or more points will participate in the prize of each round.Which is US$10,000. There are five rounds in total, which means that the final prize to be divided among the exchanges is US$50,000.

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This is how you get the votes to participate in the Poloniex promotion:

  • Login: will receive a daily vote for those who log on to the exchange and go to the promotion page.
  • Deposit: For every 100 USDT deposited in any currency, Poloniex will award one vote.
  • Trading: participants will receive one vote for every $100 USDT of spot trading volume or every $200 USDT of futures trading volume. Votes will be doubled for those who trade in the Fan Token and CHZ spot markets or in soccer and CHZ futures contracts.
  • Invite friends: you receive one additional vote for every 100 USDT in spot trades or 200 USDT in futures trades made by a referral.
  • Interacting on social networks: Another way to get votes is to participate in events on Poloniex Twitter and tag the exchange.

In Poloniex website you will find the schedule of matches, how prizes will be distributed, rules and terms. For more details, see the site.

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