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Immunefi, internetowa platforma bug bounty, uzupełnia serię A



Odpornya startup that offers a bug bounty platform dla Web3 Actorsjust picked up $ 24 mln od Corporate framework, Wielokąt y Samsung Dalej.

Based in Singapore and in operation since 2020, Odporny łączy Web3 Companiesthat want to check the code of their protocols, and etyczni hakerzywho are rewarded when they detect a brak w projekcie.

Czwartek, Odporny ogłosił a Series A financing round of €24 million. led by cryptocurrency venture capital firm. Framework for companies. According to a statement, Electric Capital, Polygon Ventures, Samsung Next, North Island Ventures, Lattice Capital and Stratos DeFi. także put their hands in the pot.

W ramach projektuOdporny has several major Web3 players as clients, among them. Ogniwo łańcucha, MakerDAOComposite, PancakeSwap, Synthetix, or Tunel czasoprzestrzennywhich was hacked to the tune of $320 million earlier this year.

By switching incentives to white hats, Immunefi has already saved billions of dollars in user funds. Cryptocurrency projects are quickly realizing that it’s better to use Immunefi than to end up publicly begging hackers to return funds or pay a ransom,” said Mitchell Amador, founder of the startup.

Since its inception, Immunefi has returned 60 million euros in premiums at białe kapelusze and boasts that it has saved more than $25 billion in user funds.

However, the Singapore-based company is not alone in this segment. Other established bug bounty platforms, such as. HackerOnehave been dumped on the Web3.

To Seria A bringing the total funds raised by the company to. $ 29.5 mlnaccording to Techcrunch. Immunefi was already raising $5.5 million in fall 2021.

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