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Participate in the 3rd anniversary of the bitcoin casino




BetFury is celebrating its third birthday and preparing for the biggest party ever. I hope you’ve packed your bags…. The Las Vegas atmosphere and the race for the $1,000,000 jackpot will blow your mind! Win a super-fast BMW M8 Competition or a ticket to Las Vegas by participating in the bitcoin casino anniversary.

Join the BetFury Birthday Party and get ready for festive news, exciting updates, and lots of great surprises from partners.

Here’s how bitcoin casino BetFury is celebrating its anniversary.

Mr. Fury is ready to open all the cards and tell you about the incredible competitions, packages and bonuses that will soon be available. Don’t miss your chance to participate in all the popular events, win many cryptocurrencies and compete for top prizes.The more active you are, the more prizes you get!

BetFury is offering a BMW as one of the anniversary prizes. Source: BetFury

Here are some of the prizes and events that await you at BetFury bitcoin casino:

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Birthday package

Get a bonus of up to USD 5,000 with your deposit and 1,000 free spins.

Winning Birthday Cards

Collect the cards as you play and scratch to get the grand prize: 1,000,000 BFG.

Birthday points tournament for more than USD 500,000

Fight in battles and collect points to drive the BMW M8 Competitionfor a trip to Las Vegas or an entry into the total prize pool of US$500,000.

Birthday battles for $375,000.

Fight every day and receive more rewards.

BFG mining enhancement +10 %.

Mine 10% more BFG by participating in your favorite games.

Birthday boxes up to 30% monthly rate

Get free birthday boxes and deposit and enjoy a tasty profit.

Mega birthday lottery for 333,333 BFG

Participate in the challenge on Gleam and complete simple tasks to share the accumulated BFG prize and partner tokens.

Here is a taste of the prizes BetFury has in store for you for its anniversary.

Special gifts

You can earn USD, tokens and mystery boxes by participating in BetFury anniversary events. Source: BetFury

RTP Increase

In honor of the birthday, BetFury will increase RTP on all internal games.It will become one of the TOPs in the game! In connection with these changes, some changes will be made to bonus accumulation. This means only one thing: you will have even more chances to win.

New agricultural pair with BFG

Expect the appearance of a cryptocurrency pair with the BFG token on the exchange. Do farming and make big profits.

Stay connected and discover all the events that bitcoin casino BetFury has in store for you:

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