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OpenSea begins offering animated NFT trading



OpenSea continues to upgrade and now allows trading of non-fungible animated tokens (NFTs) within its users.. The platform has become the largest NFT marketplace in the cryptographic ecosystem due to its constant renewal.

OpenSea has become the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the cryptographic ecosystem. The platform has been able to renew and update itself to offer new collections and provide its community with as many commercial options as possible. One of the latest updates to the marketplace allows users to trade NFTs from the BNB blockchain, making a total of 8 blockchains available within OpenSea.

Today, OpenSea unveiled a new update through which it will be possible to include NFT with animations within the platform.. Until now, OpenSea only allowed collections in which its NFTs were completely static, which severely limited the platform’s options, compared to other marketplaces that allow this type of asset, such as in the case of the new entrant LooksRare.

The most common NFT collections are those whose assets are static, the most common and also the most sought after. For this reason, OpenSea had not planned to include them in its platform, but due to the fact that new NFT markets were accepting these new collections.Meanwhile, it seems that the OpenSea administration was forced to include them in the platform. On the other hand, The OpenSea user community had long been calling for the addition of these kinds of resources.that seems to have influenced their arrival on the platform.

NFT trading seems to have made a comeback after several months of very low volumes.compared to last year’s numbers. Recently, famous companies and brands have decided to enter the Web3 ecosystem through NFTs. Some examples are: Porsche, Adidas or even the soccer superstar Cristian Ronaldo.

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