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Nike launches .SWOOSH, a new digital experience



Nike creates .SWOOSH, a digital experience developed on web3 with the goal of becoming a home for the brand’s virtual creations. The platform is currently in beta phase, but will launch its first collection of digital goods in 2023.

Image of the logo of Nike's SWOOSH project.
Nike SWOOSH project logo.

On Nov. 14, the American multinational company dedicated to the design and development of sports equipment Nike launched its new Web3 initiative known as .SWOOSH. The brand wanted to create a new blockchain-based digital experience that provides an inclusive and equitable place for athletes, creators, collectors, and consumers.. Nike intends for .SWOOSH to become the new birthplace of the brand’s virtual creations.

Nike has obtained its own domain name, the goal of Ensuring a safe, transparent and reliable space. Within this domain, any user will be able to give insight into virtual brand creations. These creations are usually interactive digital objectssuch as slippers or clothes, which can be used by community members in digital games or applications..

The company wanted the usefulness of digital objects to be taken beyond the online part. Some items will have the special feature that they can be unlocked in real life.That is, getting the shoe or garment in physical form. There will also be the possibility of access to face-to-face events or conversations where you can meet the designers or athletes who create and wear these garments.

Currently, .SWOOSH is currently in beta version closed beta version reserved for developers. More news coming soon, During the month of November, the waiting list for enrollment in this platform will be opened.. For the rest of the year, Nike plans to continue to grow the platform and invite all types of profiles to join the community, making it as diverse and equitable as possible. Nike will give priority to user profiles from the United States and selected European countries for inclusion in .SWOOSH.

Nike will launch its first collection of digital items in 2023.. A collection created by the community itself, but developed by a group of experts who are part of the development team. After the release of this first collection, Nike will launch several challenges in which community members will have the opportunity to participate in the development of one of these virtual objects.. These co-creators will get the benefits from the digital object and its use or trade.

Nike’s interest in Web3 was already evident in the middle of this year. The company is involved in acquisition a number of domains within the Ethereum network, which are now being used to create .SWOOSH.

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