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À la une – NFT’s business aggregator and Web3 Marketplace – expands its branding


on, NFT’s leading data analysis platform and trading aggregator, announced a brand revamp. It also unveiled its mission to guide users every step of the way, from discovery, analysis and trading, to digital portfolio management.

Unlike buying and selling NFTs on a marketplace such as OpenSea, buying an NFT with a trading aggregator is similar to buying airline tickets, for example, In this way, buyers get the best deals on all NFT marketplaces and save up to 70% of transaction fees on their purchase. is becoming the only independent NFT data analysis platform and trade aggregator in the ecosystem. This is after the other two major aggregators Gem and Genie were acquired by OpenSea and Uniswap, respectively., the NFT data guru

In addition to its outstanding business aggregation services, has been a professional data analysis platform since 2021.. It has helped more than 1 million users worldwide research NFT collections, track whale behaviors, filter wash trades, discover the best coinage, and use many other data metrics.

NFTGo’s API currently serves over 500 organizations, including leading marketplaces X2Y2 and Looksrare, supporting their product development. has also actively engaged with renowned universities around the world such as Oregon State University, the University of Cambridge, and Tecnológico de provide data for their research purposes.

“Our market serves hundreds of thousands of users per month and providing the best service is critical. We are very selective with our partners to provide the most reliable and accurate data in the marketplace. is our partner of choice for data integration, as it is recognized for its advanced metrics.”

TP, founder and CEO of X2Y2.

More than a market by NFT

“The current user experience on NFT is fragmented. Information is dispersed and users move from one platform to another. They may discover a trending collection on social media, research it with analytics tools, and then buy it in a marketplace. There is no platform in the industry that provides a holistic experience for users, enabling them to discover, analyze, and trade in one place and helping them make better decisions. Our brand revamp is more than a website redesign, it is a demonstration of how is redefining the NFT experience through user-centered design.

Lowes Yang, co-founder and CEO of

Yang also revealed that he will invite his community to participate in the beta test of the new homepage and that he will launch a loyalty program to reward its followers. is constantly innovating and has the resources to sustain its growth. Already has launched more than 20 NFT tools and features.. These include the Monitoring List, Top Mints and rarity patterns, to capture trends in the evolution of NFTs driven by a strong community.

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About is a leading NFT aggregation platform that enables the community to analyze NFT market data and transact in one place. offers a wide range of powerful tools and features. These include NFT market analysis, real-time quotes, rarity, whale tracking, watchlist, accident calendar, trade aggregator, and more.

These tools are useful in helping the community discover, trade, and manage digital assets. Today, serve over 500 institutional clients, more than 1,000 communities, and over 1 million retail users. worldwide. aims to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem. It prides itself on making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Powered by a high-performance data acquisition engine, provides real-time data on the chain. It also provides professional market information to create a seamless NFT trading experience for everyone who joins the ecosystem.

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