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NFT investment: Is it the right time to invest in NFT?



We have seen that the market value of the NFT has declined considerably in the main OpenSea Platformand also see collections disappear or have suffered huge declines in its value before its popularity fell.

Let’s see if it’s a good time to invest or if it’s better to stay on the sidelines.

Investing in NFTs: good or bad idea?

As explained above, the market value of NFTs has fallen dramatically. For example, the collections that had a minimum price of 1 ETH now have a entry price of 0.15 ETH. In addition, the value of Ethereum has also fallen.

Many investors have lost a lot of money in the fall. Now that prices are at their lowest point, it is of course Of course, it is interesting to invest in NFTs. but not in just any collection. In fact, many collections will never resurface. Therefore, it is important to know the different criteria that are essential for detecting a collection in which to invest.

Essential criteria for identifying a collection in which to invest.

Here are some essential criteria for spotting a collection to invest in:

  • A transparent equipment meeting deadlines
  • A Discord server active and a committed community
  • NFTs with a real utility (NFT style is not everything).
  • Active social networks, including the twitter account
  • Have the property rights related to the NFTs of the collection
  • Watch the history of the artist from the collection
  • Watch the history of the team from the collection
  • The digital identity of the project is clean and professional (website, social media, animation, 3D rendering, etc.)
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Of course, other criteria are important to detect a good project. It should also be noted that even if all the criteria are correctly validated, the project may not develop as planned.

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