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New Ethereum price forecast for 2024 after approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs



As the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the sector, Ethereum is one of the most widely traded stocks in the sector. With the recent movements that have raised the market, investors are questioning the future of crypto in 2024.

Ethereum in 2024 : the developers of the blockchain predict major changes.

In 2024, Ethereum will enter a phase of significant evolution. According to Coinlive reports, the developers of this blockchain plan to implement new functionalities in the ecosystem.

One of them is the ” Dencun” . This last one includes testnet activations on Goerli, Sepolia and Holeskywith specific activation dates in January and February 2024. Après Dencunthe leveling up ” Prague/Electra “ is provided, with a focus on specific code changes (EIPs).

In fact, the EIPor Ethereum Improvement Proposalsare designed to introduce new functionality, fix bugs or make improvements to the Ethereum protocole. They are submitted by the community and go through a review and approval process before being potentially implemented.

According to the same source, there are ongoing discussions on the EIPs to be prioritized for Prague/Electra, notably the upgrading of the tree. Merkle and other urgent EIPs on the Consensus Layer (CL). However, the details and exact schedule remain under discussion and subject to change.

What future for the price of crypto on the markets?

Currently, ETH is also responding to the various advances that the crypto sector is learning to know with the approval of the ETF BTC Spot by the SEC. At the time of writing, the crypto is worth approximately 2 600 $.

D’après les prédictions du site CryptoNewsZETH could be traded over and above 2 700 $ in April 2024 and be worth around 3 974 $ in the following May.

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A prediction shared by the site Coin Codex who estimates that ETH could achieve a ATH of about $6,500 over the course of the year.

According to the site Coin CDXEthereum could be exchanged between 2 650 $ et 2 700 $ d’ici mars prochain.

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