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New Dash to Trade cryptocurrency presale raises more than $6.4 million in less than a month



Dash 2 Trade Features

  • Trading signals that provide buy/sell opportunities in the market.
  • Social sentiment and on-chain analysis to detect trending tokens.
  • Strategy creation and social negotiation tools that facilitate negotiation and adoption of new strategies.
  • A scoring system to help choose cryptocurrency presales.
  • Cryptocurrency quote alerts.
  • Commercial competition for subscribers

Given the tools and services that Dash 2 Trade as long as, cryptocurrency enthusiasts began comparing it to the Bloomberg terminal, “the Bloomberg of cryptocurrency”.

Dash 2 Trade has its own native token, D2T. This is an ERC-20 token with no transaction fee that powers the entire platform and allows users to access the platform’s most advanced features.

The D2T token has a total supply of one billion tokens, of which 665 million will be available for presale. Of the total offering, 50 million are reserved for listing on the CEX for liquidity. Another 50 million tokens are reserved for hiring talent to develop the project over a five-year period.

50 million tokens will be used to conduct Dash 2 Trade contests, and 150 million tokens will be reserved for long-term project development.

Thanks to the 5-year vesting schedule and its features, D2T has great potential for exponential growth. In addition, the token’s extremely small market capitalization compared to major cryptocurrencies gives it the advantage of growing exponentially over time, while allowing investors to buy in at a lower cost.

On October 21, 2022, Dash 2 Trade launched its presale. Since then, it has attracted strong investor support, raising a whopping $6.4 million.

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The pre-sale, which is available to anyone, has been so successful because it allows the average person to invest in the project at a low price.

The presale is currently in its third phase, priced at $0.0513 per D2T. This price is expected to increase with each phase, and will be $0.0533 in the fourth stage.

How to participate in the Dash to trade presale?

To buy D2T tokens, available for pre-order hereYou need a wallet that supports Ethereum. We recommend metamask for its fluidity.

Next, you have to buy ETH or USDT tokens in-app with your wallet. You can also transfer these tokens from an exchange.

Then follow the steps on the Dash 2 Trade website. Purchased D2T tokens will be available after the presale.

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