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MtGox’s Mark Karpeles wants to help users affected by FTX



Mark Karpeles, CEO of the famous and now defunct Mt.Gox exchange, said he wants to reach out to those affected by the FTX case. Through his Twitter account, the entrepreneur and programmer is trying to reach out to employees of the disgraced exchange, as well as any companies that have invested in the company or have their money tied up in FTX accounts.

“Are you an employee of FTX and is the company you work for exposed to FTX? I want to hear from you,” the message reads. Karpeles’ tweet. He went on to clarify that he will need official documents or a source to verify the information of those who contact him, specifying that while he does not commit to responding to all emails, he will review each case individually.

Eight years ago, Mark Karpeles’ exchange. generated in the bitcoin market a situation similar to what we are witnessing with the FTX case. With the company being declared bankrupt due to a hack, thousands of people lost access to their money and the price of cryptocurrency dropped sharply.. Karpeles was even accused of embezzlement and was found guilty of tampering with records.

Although the exchange debacle is still ongoing and users are still waiting for their money to be refunded, Karpeles is still an active player in the cryptocurrency community and contributor to the ecosystem. Because of his past and his interest in continuing to contribute, Karpeles’ tweets have generated several reactions from members of the bitcoin community.

For example, Kraken co-founder Jesse Powell, States that Mark Karpeles has crafted a story of redemption in the industry. With his name linked to one of the biggest failures of a cryptocurrency exchange, the entrepreneur continues to bet on cryptocurrencies while acknowledging his past mistakes. In this sense, Powell considers Karpeles a true “believer” in the ecosystem “who truly cares about the industry.”

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However, despite Powell’s words, the. Karpeles’ tweet was also full of petitions for the release of Mt.Gox money and questions about when the company will return the lost money. A few months ago, there was speculation that the exchange’s creditors would deposit users’ funds before the end of the year, but they asked for an extension, and now it is expected that the The process is expected to be completed in 2023.

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