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Metacade seems ready for a bond of 20 times its value



At the present time, the metric tokens represent certain of the most important projects and the most successful in the crypto world. It is now necessary to think to see big in crypto to see big gains in return. A number of crypto rates are ready to be worthwhile, but few, if any, can match the hashing potential of Metacade’s native token, MCADE.

MCADE is ideally positioned for a token value for the return of the cryptocurrency commodity market. Voici une explication ci-dessous why Metacade could multiply its value by 20continue reading.

Qu’est-ce que Metacade ?

Metacade should be the first community arcade on Web3 with a selection of games on offer. It’s a meeting place in the middle where players can come and spend time together, test the latest GameFi projects, and start building a career in the Web3 game.

Metacade brings together the best GameFi projects, community events and career opportunities in one place where access is free for everyone. It is this grandiose and comprehensive vision that makes Metacade’s potential so enormous.

MCADE is the token that makes the universe of Metacade. People use it to play pay games, to participate in tours and to post job offers, among other things.

What makes Metacade so different?

Most GameFi projects offer only one game that players like or dislike. However, Metacade is a place where players can have access to many games, thus everyone will be able to find a game he likes to play.

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Metacade also presents itself as a place where to find jobs and Web3 talents. Cela lui confère un marché potentiel bien plus grande et augmente considérablement ses possibilités de hausse. And as the P2E game develops, this potential should only grow with it.

The team behind Metacade also planned to entrust control of the project to the community once it was established. This could make it a truly decentralized center for all that the Web3 game has to offer. with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in mind.

Pourquoi MCADE devrait multiplier sa valeur par 20 ?

Pour comprendre pourquoi MCADE pourrait multiplier sa valeur par 20, nous devons d’abord présenter quelques chiffres.

MCADE is currently measuring its loan, which is divided into 8 stages. Prices start at $0.01 per token and progressively increase until reaching $0.028 per token at the end of the 8th stage. There are a total of 1.4 million MCADE tokens.

En prenant ces chiffres (0.020$/token x 1.4 milliard de tokens MCADE), nous obtenons une capitalisation boursière à la fin de la prévente d’un peu plus de 28 millions de dollars.

Une capitalisation boursière de 28 millions de dollars n’est qu’un point de départ. A 20-fold increase from that point could mener Metacade vers une capitalisation boursière d’environ 560 millions de dollars. Ou, en d’autres termes, chaque token pourrait partir de 0,020$ après la presale, vers environ 0,40$ une fois la capitalisation boursière de 560 millions de dollars atteinte.

Un x20 est-il réaliste ?

À présent que nous savons de quoi MCADE a besoin de quoi MCADE a besoin pour parvenir à un bon de 20x, il est temps de nous demander si ce niveau de croissance est réaliste. The simplest way to find out is to compare Metacade to other projects in this general field.

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Decentraland attained a market capitalization of almost 7 billion dollars at its peak, and The Sandbox was almost 10 billion dollars at its peak. Other projects, such as DeFi Kingdomshave achieved a market capitalization of more than 1 billion dollars during their market capitalization peaks.

The essential thing is to know that more than a handful of projects in the general GameFi/metavers space. have exceeded a value of 780 million dollars during the last crypto market.

Ainsi, il est probable que d’autres y parviendront encore à l’avenir. The question is to know if Metacade will be one of them or not. And at the present time, all the signs say definitively that yes.

Prenez votre MCADE aujourd’hui

Metacade is an emerging project with a significant potential. Metacade can really reach the market capitalization of 780 million dollars necessary to reach a 20-fold increase in the levels of presale. This is because it already stands out as one of the most innovative crypto projects. It has an extremely large potential audience and has a fairly low valuation for a return on investment that is more than likely.

But n’attendez pas trop longtemps. Vous pourriez ne pas pouvoir profiter de ces tout premiers prix pendant très longtemps.

You can participate in Metacade’s press conference. here.

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