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MakerDAO co-founder found dead in Puerto Rico



Key facts:
  • In a tweet, Muchgian indicated that he might be killed “by suicide” by the CIA in the future.

  • The builder feared being framed in a child prostitution ring.


The lifeless body of Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, co-founder of MakerDAO and developer of Ethereum, was found on a beach in Puerto Rico, the island where he lived, on Oct. 28.

According to authorities, Muchgian, was. swept away by the current and had no vital signs at the time of rescue.second reported a local media.

Although Muchgian’s death comes as a surprise, he himself had spoken about his possible demise on his Twitter account last September. In a series of messages he went so far as to point out that he might die at the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency. (CIA).

The first of his somewhat cryptic messages, stated that a number of conditions had been met.

He spoke of a “surprise discovery, a new opportunity, now all in the shifting index of timeline madness, quantum immortality, but for human civilization a gamble that there is no future.”

Muchgian closed the message with a “wish me luck,” followed by what is considered an eloquent tweet, in which he targeted the CIA and the future of his life:

“Three possible futures for me 1) suicide by the CIA 2) active, brain-dead slave of the CIA 3) the worst nightmare of the people who have screwed me over so far, I am sure these are the only options.”

Tweet by @delete_shitcoin.
In a tweet Nicolai Muchgian stated that he may be killed by the CIA. Source: Twitter.

One of the latest tweets from Muchgian seems to reveal the possible reason for his death at the hands of U.S. intelligence agencies, according to his suspicions.

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According to the young 28, the CIA, Mossad (the Israeli intelligence agency) and the “pedophile elite” had woven a racket network to carry on the sex trade from Puerto Rico. and the Caribbean islands and tried to frame him.

“They will frame me with a laptop computer planted by my ex-girlfriend, who was a spy. They will torture me to death,” Muchgian said.

So far, Puerto Rican authorities have provided no further details On Muchgian’s death.

Mourning over the death of Nicolai Muchgian.

Various members of the cryptocurrency community. have sent messages of condolence and sympathyafter it was learned of Muchgian’s death.

One of those express via Twitter, was the Tether co-founder Craig Seller. “The co-founder of MakerDAO died in San Juan, Puerto Rico, five days after the MakerDAO community approved the partnership with Coinbase. Rest in peace, Nikolai.”

Another who also wrote a message On the same social network, it was Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano.

“I had known Nikolai since Bitshares. He was a very young and extremely bright man who had a wide range of interests, from game theory to Urbit. He had a deep understanding of technology. It is sad to see what has happened to him,” he commented.

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