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Lightning channels can be funded simultaneously by different software.



Key facts:
  • Core Lightning and ACINQ had such pay channels, but they were not compatible with each other.

  • LN’s dual-funded pay channels allow the opening of already balanced channels.

The work of developers from the ACINQ and Core Lightning companies will enable dual-funded Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) payment channels between users of the two software.

Developer Lisa Neigut of Core Lightning took advantage of her participation in the podcast. Connecting the world to discuss the goal of interoperability with ACINQ nodes. So far, no date has been set for this benefit. However, Neigut presented the idea as a perfectly feasible outcome. Core Lightning confirmed the anticipated arrival of this new feature in the Lightning network via its official account on the Twitter.

Blockstream, the parent company to which Core Lightning belongs, announced in June 2021 that its users already had the ability to open dual-funded channels on LN. Neigut commented that ACINQ has subsequently launched its own version of this idea with minor changes that differentiate it from Core Lightning. Therefore, the achievement of compatibility and interoperability between the two versions of this protocol requires some changes at the programming level.

ACINQ and Core Lightning are two companies dedicated to developing implementations of the Lightning network (client or node software) in Bitcoin and tools to make it more efficient to use.

Bitcoin Lightning network payment channel creation becomes more versatile

The standard way of creating a payment channel on the Lightning network is for one of the parties involved to commit a certain amount of their assets. bitcoin (BTC). The amount that the channel opener makes available for this purpose establishes the channel’s BTC-sending capacity. Note that in this case, the person funding the channel can only send BTC and its counterpart can only receive, unless they balance the channel.

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Dual-funded payment channels in the Lightning network allow them to be balanced from the moment they are opened. This allows both channel users to send and receive BTC immediately.

In early September, CryptoNews reported that the Lightning network payment channel market was growing. At that time, the liquidity of Magma, one of the marketplaces for the sale and rental of these channels, doubled in just three months.

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