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Ledger Stax, a physical wallet with touchscreen display



Presented at today’s conference Ledger Op3n which is currently being held in Paris, Stax is a touchscreen physical wallet designed by. Ledger in collaboration with American engineer Tony Fadell, designer of the first iPod.

Stax proposes to respond to two current problems: allowing users not to depend on trusted third parties for the preservation of their digital assets (although this is the very principle of a physical wallet) and, above all, making it easier for them to read and understand the transactions they sign.

“Ledger. Stax implements a larger screen controlled directly by the Ledger operating system in the secure element. Increasing the screen size makes it easier for you, the user, to understand all your transactions, to understand all your interactions with the blockchain. – Charles Guillemet, CTO of Ledger.

High-end hardware portfolio, Stax incorporates E-Ink display technology, also used in e-readers, for longer battery life. A USB-C port allows the device to be charged and connected. It can also be charged wirelessly.

Dimensions: 85 mm long, 54 mm wide and 6 mm thick.

Weight: 45.2 grams.

Price : 279,00 €

The product is currently on pre-order for delivery in March 2023.

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