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Ledger hardware wallets are physically more robust with “Nano Pods.”



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Ledger launched a new accessory for the physical protection of its cold wallets. The product name is Nano Pod and is available for purchase at the website Ledger Online Store as of November 29, 2022. The devices supported by this new tool are Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S Plus.

The Nano Pod is a dust-proof, metal-coated capsule in which to store the hardware portfolio y Protect it from scratches and physical damage, including water damage.

The tool, black in color, has an unscrewable cap with a ring for hanging or use as a keychain. On the design of your new product. Ledger emphasizes the following: “it protects with style thanks to an attractive metal frame,” and “our sandblasted metal finish adds just the right amount of shine and boldness.”

Technical specifications of Nano Pod
An impressive wallet inside the new “Nano Pod” instrument. Source: ledger

Ledger’s “Nano Pod” use cases.

According to the companyone of the use cases of the new “Nano Pod” is to offer protection against “your busy life.” “Designed for long-lasting protection. Keep your Ledger Nano unscratched and in pristine condition,” the company says in a promotional statement.

Another important use case is travel. According to the company, a Ledger stored in a “Nano Pod” capsule automatically becomes a travel-proof tool.

Ledger Nano Pod is portable and easy to keep in your pocket. Safely store your Ledger Nano X or S Plus, but always keep it handy.

Ledger. Hardware wallet company.

The device costs $39 at Ledger’s official storetaxes and fees not included.

As reported by CryptoNews, the Cold wallets or hardware are one of the most secure means of storing the keys that give access to cryptocurrencies. Their good level of security, however, does not imply that cryptocurrency storage is risk-free.

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One of these risks is human error, since the use of a portfolio of this type implies that the owner of the portfolio is able to self-manage its resources. The loss of the starting sentence, for example, would result in the loss of funds forever..

Another risk (though minor) and in line with Ledger’s new creation called the “Nano Pod” is the physical destruction of the cold wallet. Destruction of the cold wallet does not result in the destruction of funds, because possession of the seed phrase or private key guarantees access.. However, it could be a hassle to lose or damage the wallet, as it would mean having to buy a new one.

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