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Le Récap : XRP future, MiCA finalized, SGSS & crypto, Cardano accélère…



SGSS, Arquant, Swift et Nasdaq in mode token; MiCA couvre finalement NFT et stablecoins algorithmiques; Kaiko acteur de l’institutionnalisation de la crypto; XRP bientôt fixé sur son sort… retour sur l’actualité of the week.

Les institutionnels de la finance traditionnelle “They need a trustworthy, responsible and reliable partner, able to provide them with a reference price”, declared Elodie de Marchi, COO of Kaiko to this week. These TradFi’s stakeholders are also in need of quality and real-time datawhich is provided by the French startup.

Car le secteur, depuis ses hubs financiers mondiaux, est en pleine transformation au travers de l’adoption de la blockchain et de la tokenisation des actifs. The illustrations of this mutation have been many this week. And this convergence between TradFi, CeFi et DeFi ne fait que commencer.

Société Générale : un pas de plus vers la crypto

In France, two banking groups are marking their adoption of crypto-assets. These are BNP Paribas and Société Générale. Société Générale. The latter has made a major breakthrough in this field. Its subsidiary Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) launched services for management companies seeking to introduce crypto-monetary asset-backed funds.

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Its first official client is Arquant Capital, a management company specializing in crypto. This week, it put on the market two regulated funds directly exposed to the market to Bitcoin and Ethereum. C’est une première dans l’hexagone. And Arquant therefore relies on SGSS, which endorses the role of depositary of funds, valuator and passive manager.

L’actu crypto et blockchain des traditional financial institutions has been particularly rich this week. The American market Nasdaq has unveiled Nasdaq Digital Assets. Its new entity will offer crypto-asset services to the zinzins, starting from the custody. The Japanese bank Nomura has set up a crypto VC branch in Switzerland. Et enfin, Swift explore the uses of the blockchain with Symbiont.

Jesse Powell in retrait of Kraken

Remarkable change at the head of the exchange Kraken. Jesse Powell is no longer PDG. He is sitting with the company’s operations manager, Dave Ripley. Powell does not, however, throw away his reputation. In fact, he takes the presidency of the board of directors de la bourse de cryptomonnaies.

Entrusting the management of the current affairs to his number two, Powell wished to note to devote more time to the products. put on the market by Kraken. And the former DG is convinced that Dave Ripley is the ideal person to lead the exchange in its next growth era.

CBDC euro : Amazon creates remotes

With the DMA and the DSA, two European regulations, its institutions strive to limit the domination of the large American platforms. It is therefore one among them that has retained the ECB dans le cadre de ses expérimentations en matière de central bank digital currency (CBDC). By choosing Amazon, the ECB arouses astonishment, even hostility, on the social networks.

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For the design of the user interfaces of the’euro numériquethe ECB has retained partners. On the e-commerce payment channel, it is therefore the world’s number 1 in the sector that will participate: Amazon. Europe has some of the biggest names in e-commerce, but none of the size of Gafam.

XRP, a sky that is falling ?

The debates have lasted long enough. It is time for justice to render a decision concerning the dispute that opposes the SEC et Ripple. The two parties are requesting a preliminary ruling for the qualification of the XRP : security ou crypto-monnaie.

La possible imminence de ce dénouement ne laisse pas les investisseurs indifférents. Le XRP course recorded a very strong rise this week. This volatility is however a risk. The buying activity is exclusively motivated by Ripple’s current situation. The value of the jeton could go up as quickly. And even more so if the courts were to rule in favor of XRP.

MiCA : a text in the starting-blocks

Since the interim agreement at the end of June, the European bodies have been waiting for the drafting of the MiCA final textits crypto-actives regulation device. The document will now be finalized. And some notable changes are to be noted. The legislator seems to have taken into account the rapid evolution of digital assets.

Pour prévenir l’obsolescence de MiCA, il a volontairement permis un marge d’interprétation dans son application. Par ailleurs, le draft prévoit désormais d’inclure les algorithm stablecoins – or any other form of stable jeton that could see the day. In addition, Europe has taken note of the emergence of the NFT fractionnéswhich in reality relate to fungible tokens and finance. NFTs will therefore not be exempted from any regulation in Europe.

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