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KPMG – Metaverse is the future of business



While the cryptocurrency market is mired in an unprecedented crisis, some fields related to this digital universe continue to find an enthusiastic audience. Although the speculative fever has clearly subsided in the field, it is well. the metaverse which is still in the news. And this time it is the international giant KPMG which seems inspired by these virtual worlds. So much so that they foresee “an explosion of adoption, usage and applicability.”

During the last bull market, the metaverse. has become in a few months one of the speculative crazes of the cryptocurrency sector.. And this is in large part with the help of the company Facebook, especially rebranded in Meta on this occasion.

But since then, the economic crisis has hit and the company is laying off thousands of employees. Especially considering that the expected success of this virtual world solution has not (yet?) met the announced expectations. But this does not prevent the auditing and financial consulting giant KPMG to see this as a revolution in the making?

Metaverse and play

Metaverse – Meta acknowledges that Horizon Worlds is not yet complete.

Jordan P. – 10 Oct 2022 – 12:00

In an internal memo, Meta says through its vice president at. […]

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KPMG – The metaverse as the future of business

This is not the first time that international giant KPMG has taken an interest in the cryptocurrency sector and its derivative technologies. But what is most surprising in this case is that it persists even in the midst of a devastating bear market. Because more often than not, the best friends in good times soon become the worst enemies in bad times. However, the partner in charge at KPMG Futures James Mabbott has just confirmed this in a recent interview. The metaverse represents, according to him, “the opportunity to create new business models and new assets with technology that fundamentally transforms the way we deliver our services.

I think the really interesting applications are going to be in the context of business. (…) And I think that’s where the money is going to be, much more so than with consumer engagement. “

James Mabbot

Because James Mabbot is considering a much more likely – and rapid – implementation of these virtual worlds in a B2B context.. That is, in a business-to-business environment that could change the customer relationship and open up new revenue streams. This is why the Australian arm of KPMG Futures has just set up a new position of Head of Metaverse Futures.. The latter is occupied by Alyse Sueuntil then “Web3 executive” of the company.

KPMG’s objective would be to create significant business opportunities related to the metaverse sector. With a stated target of several million dollars by 2025.. And, according to James Mabbot, the possibility – for the moment only “contemplated” – of creating such a virtual world specifically dedicated to managing KPMG’s internal operations. A whole program…

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