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Is Metacade a better P2E opportunity?



The downturn in the cryptocurrency market has been unfavorable for projects like Decentraland and its MANA token. At its peak, the project was worth $10 billion, but now that value has dropped to about $1.1 billion. The project could recover with the metaverse gaining popularity again, but investors should also consider the potential of Metacade (MCADE).

Metacade is the latest gaming project in the metaverse that aims to build a community-driven arcade-style gaming hub. The project offers multiple opportunities to generate revenue through create-2-earn and play-2-earn initiatives, making Metacade a strong contender for the best P2E project in the metaverse.

A look at the Metaverse

The gaming and metaverse market has suffered from the market downturn. However, now is the perfect time to enter and prepare for rapid adoption. When companies like Facebook, Disney and Walmart are starting to get into the metaverse, you see that there is huge profit potential.. According to some estimates, the revenue potential of the virtual universe could reach $800 billion by 2024. This is precisely what makes Metacade such an attractive project today.

What is Metacade?

Metacade enters the blockchain-enabled gambling market with a The best community hub for gamers and developers. games to help create the world’s first arcade metaverse. While many projects that combine games and cryptocurrencies only offer one or two games, Metacade will have a full library. These games will be created by and for the players themselves to foster a true Web3 community.

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How does Metacade work?

The creation and development of Metacade will be community-driven, and the MCADE token will allow you to vote on the future of the project, as well as pay for the creation of the community and betting opportunities. Under the create-2-earn program, developers will be rewarded with grants for the best game ideaswhile players will be able to test and evaluate new titles to earn more MCADE. This setup will encourage the community to work together and make Metacade the best p2e project and the best destination for games. All this makes Metacade a totally new and innovative idea compared to other similar projects.

Decentralization price forecast.

Decentraland pricing will depend on the pace of metaverse adoption and the project’s ability to remain relevant in a highly competitive environment. According to a report by BloombergMetaverse revenues could reach $800 billion by 2024. This is a huge market for the right projects, but Decentraland will face competition from corporate giants such as Meta Platforms and Disney.

In the past, Decentraland’s MANA token price had reached $5 per token by the end of 2021, shortly after Facebook announced its rebranding to the metaverse. Ultimately, however, this was just a speculative burst and the coin has since fallen to $0.60. If the metaverse delivers the revenue predicted by Bloomberg, Decentraland’s predicted price would be $10 for the MANA token.

Decentraland has sold a large number of its LAND tokens and virtual parcels. However, users are free to build anything, which adds some risk to the overall quality of the project. In addition, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the metaverse would take years to develop, which means that projects have to attract users along the way. This makes Decentraland a decent enough investment, but nothing like the potential of Metacade.

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Why invest in Metacade?

Metacade has the potential to outperform Decentraland’s earnings, in part because it is still an early-stage project. The project comes at the right time to capture the evolution of the metaverse before it goes mainstream. It envisions a major marketing campaign through 2023 to attract developers and players to the project.

This means there is a small window of opportunity before the MCADE coin can rub shoulders with MANA. The presale of MCADE tokens will take place in 9 stages, starting at $0.008, and the price of an MCADE token is guaranteed to increase at each stage.

If we take Axie Infinity as an example, the coin has risen sharply, giving the project a market value of $10 billion at its peak. With 1 billion tokens available for presale. In total, this amounts to a valuation of $10 billion.

However, Axie Infinity is only one game, while Metacade plans to have dozens of games on its platform, making its potential success among gamers incredibly high. Being a multi-title platform could double or even triple the company’s potential valuation. All things considered, investing in MCADE should be on everyone’s radar.


The Decentraland platform has the potential to challenge other projects for the large revenues expected in the metaverse. However, the project has struggled of late and may be overtaken by Metacade’s efforts in the near future. Decentraland has little control over what is built on its parcel. Metacade, on the other hand, intends to offer only the highest quality games on its platform. This is possible for two simple reasons: voting and a dedicated community of players and developers.

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Unlike Decentraland, Metacade will be developed entirely by a community of players who will feel ownership of it. Moreover, the introduction of a multi-game arcade in the metaverse is a unique and brilliant project that will undoubtedly attract a large audience of players. Therefore, the create-2-win and play-to-win dynamic may supercharge the price of MCADE and investors should look to participate before the community expands rapidly.

You can participate in the pre-sale of Metacade. here.

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