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Iran wants to freeze rebels’ bank accounts



The Islamic Republic of Iran is perfecting its repressive arsenal against women who stand up to it by refusing to wear the hijab. The latest retaliatory measure is announced: the freezing of their bank accounts, which revives the usefulness of Bitcoin as a decentralized and uncensored asset to preserve the rights and financial freedom of all..

Iranian power destabilized, only repression is known to Iranian power.

Iran has been rocked by a strong protest movement since the death on September 16 of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, arrested three days earlier in Tehran by the morality police. The police accused her of having violated the Islamic Republic’s dress code by not conforming to the dress code. hijab (veil that hides the hair and covers the head and neck). Tempers flared in the country. Quickly, spontaneous demonstrations invaded the streets in the face of fierce repression. But nothing was done, the mobilization continued in a movement of unprecedented duration and scope. And women continue to defy the unthinkable by going bare-headed on the hijab burned or brandished as a banner of a world that they, like all Iranian people, no longer want.

Unsettled by a revolt that is not weakening, the regime in power wants to reinforce its repressive arsenal by using other weapons, less lethal of course, but just as effective in curbing freedom: hitting the rebels in their financial independence. Thus, the Iranian deputy Hossein Jalali has just announced in the local media that the Islamic Republic would adopt a series of measures against women who did not wear, or wore poorly, the hijab, which could include the blocking of their bank accounts.. According to the publication Iran InternationalThe sanction would come after two warnings sent by SMS.

It is possible that women who do not respect the hijab will be notified by SMS, asking them to comply with the law. After notification, we enter the warning phase… and in the third phase, the bank account of the person who has disclosed may be blocked.

Hossein Jalali, Iranian MP, quoted in. Iran International

Artificial intelligence (AI) to identify rebels.

If the methods of identifying the brave ones, who are evidently growing in number, are not revealed, otherwise the authorities would not be so alarmed, the media reminds us that Iran has already started using cameras in the subway to track and identify women who do not respect the mandatory Islamic dress code..

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It was this vigilance, deployed in the context of a radicalization of President Ebrahim Raisi’s policies, that probably led to the tragedy that set the world on fire. Mahsa Amini, who was wearing a loose veil, died three days later.

The violation of the rights of women citizens in a theocratic regime such as the Iranian state is in itself nothing new. Since 1979 and the establishment of the so-called “Islamic Republic”, women’s rights have been systematically restricted, with slight modifications according to the whims of successive rulers.

But let us remember, with all due respect, that.a democracy like Canada did not bother with high principles to attack the financial freedom of some of its citizens whose behavior did not suit it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for example, did not hesitate to invoke the Emergency Measures Act earlier this year to allow regulators to freeze the bank accounts of members participating in the Freedom Convoy protests.

In the face of censorship, Bitcoin continues.

These attacks on the financial autonomy of citizens are an increasingly common temptation among our politicians. A temptation facilitated by the emergence of digital versions of sovereign currencies. These famous CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) or MNBC (Central Bank Digital Currency) will allow States to exercise powerful control over their citizens. What is happening today in Nigeria is probably a harbinger of our near future. Because, no doubt, access to and use of a digital euro will also be a heavily paved road of surveillancewhether it is exercised in one direction or the other.

Iran is also preparing to launch its rial 2.0 which will allow him to impose his authoritarian excesses even more easily. But in any case, Faced with these real or future abuses of power, bitcoin, as a decentralized and uncensored asset (i.e., used exclusively in self-custodyAllows escape from the arbitrary power of an actor seeking to prevent a transaction), appears to be the only option to be adopted. The Iranians are not unaware of this. And in the first place, the leaders in power who want to turn it into a means of international exchange in the face of U.S. sanctions..


Iran unleashes Bitcoin in the face of U.S. sanctions.

Nathalie E. – 31 Oct 2020 – 18:44

Iran faces new U.S. economic sanctions. […]

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They probably used it for a first order of goods in the amount of US$10 million.

One may cringe at the mention of it, but bitcoin belongs to everyone…. It is by fully indulging in its virtues that it appears as what it is: a a tool of sovereignty and freedom for everyone, absolutely everyone, without reservations or prior permissions.. And thinking of Iranian women, one is glad it exists. The real use of bitcoin is to preserve the rights and freedom of everyone, everywhere in the world.

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