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Interpol issues red alert warning for Do Kwon



The intelligence agency Interpol has issued a red alert, or red warning, for the search for Do Kwon. The Terraform Labs co-founder claims he is not a fugitive, but his whereabouts have been unknown for months.

Image of Do Kwon, co-founder of Terra.

Today’s media Bloomberg revealed that the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has issued a wanted notice for Do Kwonco-founder of Terraform Labs. Do Kwon has been accused of being one of the main culprits in the collapse of the Terra network, in which more than $60 billion was lost.

The alert issued by Interpol has been upgraded to red, the highest level on the wanted list.. The organization has a wide range of colors for its alerts; in the case of the one for Do Kwon, these are used to locate and arrest people wanted for prosecution or to serve time. The latter option would be the one chosen for Kwon, who is still facing trial.

The warrant is international, so Kwon will be wanted worldwide. He was initially supposed to be in Singapore, where he has a residence, but authorities have now confirmed that he is not there.

Kwon has stated on several occasions that he does not feel he is a fugitive from justice and that the moment he feels he must appear before a judge, he will be brought to justice.z, he will. As for his position, Kwon tweeted Sept. 17.


I will tell you what I am doing and where I am if:
1) we are friends.
2) we plan to meet.
3) We are involved in a gps-based web3 game.
Otherwise, you don’t need to know my GPS coordinates..

The chain of tweets also confirms that he is not on the run and that he has cooperated with all government agencies that have shown interest in communicating with him. This information would no longer be true after Interpol’s red alert.

Kwon is usually a very active person on his Twitter feed, responding to various questions and comments, but he has been silent since the incident. It is believed that in order to continue to keep his position quiet, Kwon decided to stay away from the networks.

Last week, South Korea launched a order for Kwon’s arrest for his involvement in the Terra case. Prosecutors in the country claimed that Kwon was “obviously a fugitive“and was to be tried for his actions.

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