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Inflation is a concern in Colombia, Mexico and Spain.



Bitcoin en español is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter in which we review the most important events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in the Hispanic world.

This week’s highlights in both Latin America and Spain include information related to the topic of inflation.

Authorities, experts and citizens from countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. have explicitly expressed their concerns about the effects caused by soaring inflation.. A phenomenon currently affecting most countries in the world.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the region, it stands out. The holding of the first edition of Caracas Blockchain event that brought together an important group of members of the Latin American ecosystem in Venezuela.

To go into detail about the news from each Spanish-speaking country during the past week, we leave you with the most recent. Bitcoin in English.

What laws regulate bitcoin mining in Argentina?

For several months, Argentine authorities have been targeting Bitcoin mining farms. Some operations have ended in raids and seizures of equipment.Leading to the belief that the activity is illegal.

In this regard, lawyer Fernando Branciforte, who specializes in business and legal relations in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, explained to CriptoNoticias that mining is regulated in Argentina. In his statements, he said in detail. What are the laws and regulations that govern the activity.

Fernando Branciforte.
Fernando Branciforte specializes in legal issues related to cryptocurrencies. Source: Fernando Branciforte.

Meanwhile, Argentine jurist Carlos Maslatón presented his description of bitcoin during a conversation posted on the YouTube channel “Plan M – Maxi Montenegro.” There he exchanged ideas related to the following slogan: “Super dollar vs. Bitcoin, how does it end?

According to the lawyer, who expressed his desire to be a candidate for the presidency of his country, Bitcoin has properties unique in history.

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In this context, a major Argentine neobank that allows people to store and make payments with pesos, bitcoin and ether incorporated (ETH) to his portfolio.

“You can be one of the first to have access to the new product,” the company said in a statement, adding that the addition of these cryptocurrencies to its platform is due to orders placed by its customers.

Colombian minister talks about causes of inflation

Colombian Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo, explained the reasons that, in his view, led to the Colombian peso (COP) to its all-time low against the U.S. dollar (USD).. This follows the currency’s more than double-digit depreciation during the week.

On the same topic of inflation, the International Monetary Fund released a report. In it, Colombia is included among the top 5 economies in the region. Who are affected by inflation. Several international economic factors are cited among the causes of the problem.

The International Monetary Fund points out that if Latin American countries. follow its recommendations, may be able to overcome the situation and prevent it from being prolonged..

The region’s rise continued to be heavily affected by global financial problems. Source: IMF.

Axie Infinity players have trouble operating in Cuba.

The most recent update to the Ronin portfolio has left users of this platform in Cuba with problems with Axie Infinity.

CryptoNews contacted several native island gamers who have been affected. They explained that they are usually unable to play online games and have access to video game pages and tools. Using traditional internet connection. Therefore, they have to resort to other access alternatives that are now limited by the new version of the video game.

They emphasize that so far it is not known exactly whether the access problems have to do with Cuban government blockades. Or any international entity.

Salvadoran youth defend Bitcoin.

Members of several communities in El Salvador recount their experiences with the pioneering cryptocurrency in the Central American country in an audiovisual documentary.

In the video, some young people recount the difficulties they faced of entering the mainstream financial system and recount in detail how they discovered that bitcoin represents a new alternative.

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Spanish citizens hit by inflation.

Inflation in Spain, which has reached historic levels this year, has become an increasingly serious problem. for the residents of that country, affecting their daily lives in various ways. This has fueled grievances at all levels, with the population publicizing their difficulties.

In the face of such economic circumstances, which spread throughout the eurozone, the Spanish government promises to intervene.

The inflationary spiral Is breaking records in the European UnionThe European Union’s growth rate is breaking records, reaching — for the first time in history — double digits, according to preliminary estimates from the statistical office Eurostat.

The graph shows the increase in annual inflation in the euro area, which will reach an all-time high of 10.7 percent in 2022.
The euro area ends October with the highest inflation in history, according to preliminary estimates. Source: Eurostat.

Meanwhile, one of Banco Santander’s European subsidiaries has imposed a series of limits on transactions to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges, which will go into effect on Nov. 15.

The new limits respond to requests from regulators, the institution said in a statement. According to the statement, regulators argued that the limits were imposed because of their concern about the large number of cryptocurrency frauds.

Bank of Mexico takes measures to combat inflation

The Bank of Mexico is preparing to raise interest rates in the coming days.. The measure would be linked to the analysis of the agency’s experts, who assure that the inflation index estimated for October exceeds the bank’s forecast.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. has appointed a new general manager for the Aztec country.. Frida Vargas was chosen who, in her presentation, provided some details of the plans he will implement to bring the platform in line with Mexican regulations.

Venezuela: blockchain capital for a week

From Nov. 2-5, the Venezuelan capital hosted renowned representatives of the cryptocurrency industry, who participated in the Caracas Blockchain Week conference.. CryptoNews was present and reported some of the speeches and lectures that were part of the event.

Conference: Web3: new buzzword or revolution? Cristobal Pereira, Kike de los Reyes and Aryeli Vera. Source: CryptoNews.

Among the participants, Chilean computer scientist Cristóbal Pereira spoke about the concept of decentralization. There was also a panel that described the state of the industry in Venezuela, especially taking into account the fact that the country’s economic scenario is favorable for the use of cryptocurrencies..

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On this same topic, several specialists, including economists and experts in the financial area, have spoken about the reasons that drive Venezuelans to use cryptocurrencies.

And it is precisely on Venezuela’s economic situation that Bloomberg analysts have commented. focused on the recovery of inflation observed in the latter months of the year, after experiencing a slight recovery in early 2022.

For his part, the head of digital mining and associated processes at Sunacrip, Rajiv Mosqueda, spoke at Caracas Blockchain Week along with a group of lawyers to offer data on the regulation of bitcoin in the South American country.

Events of the week

Among the events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the region for this week, the following stand out. CryptoNews calendar:

  • Wednesday, November 9 through Sunday, November 13World Digital Mining Summit 2022,” organized by Bitmain in Mexico.
  • Wednesday, November 9 through Sunday, November 13: Lectures and speeches from “LaBitConf 2022,” organized by LaBitConf in Argentina.
  • Thursday, November 10 and Friday, November 11New edition of “Democracy4all,” organized by the Democracy4all team in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Thursday, November 10Introductory conference on bitcoin and blockchain, organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

Merchants accepting cryptocurrencies in Spanish-speaking countries.

Do you know or own a small business that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for its products and services?

We invite you to share your information with us at We will confirm the data provided and report on that company’s cryptocurrency adoption in one of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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