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News, new cryptocurrency soon to be listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange – buy now



A listing in the spotlight

As the end of its presale is imminent, the new IMPT virtual currency will soon be available for exchange on Uniswap. Uniswap, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is considered one of the largest decentralized platforms on the market.

In the context of this listing scheduled for December 14, IMPT will allow its first investors to claim their tokens from December 12, 2022 for 48 hours.

In addition, other cryptocurrency exchanges such as LBank and ChangellyPro are expected to follow Uniswap’s example a few days later. But, at the moment, no date has yet been disclosed to the general public.

It is worth noting that the listing of IMPT on these various marketplaces will allow the cryptocurrency to gain visibility and increase traffic around its tokens. The price of the latter could therefore skyrocket very soon, to the delight of investors.

Few days left to acquire the coin available for pre-sale on the official website and at low prices.

Why is this an opportunity?

The IMPT project has been very popular since its launch. Many investors quickly snapped up the token during the first pre-sale phase, when it was worth $0.018. As proof, about 7 days after launch, the cryptocurrency managed to raise about $2.5 million.

While the Phase 2 presale is in full swing, now is the time for those still hesitating to discover the IMPT token, which is now priced at $0.023. The value of the token could increase 10-fold (x10) after its listing on Uniswap, according to some analysts.

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This situation could easily be explained by the project’s green plan. Indeed, IMPT’s main mission is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in nature by trading carbon credits, on which it has focused its offering.

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It opens up a lucrative and rapidly developing sector. Therefore, investors could make huge profits in the near future and, in turn, contribute to preserving the environment.

To support its strategy, IMPT has surrounded itself with popular and eco-friendly brands that will soon offer their products and services to cryptocurrency platform users. You can consult the list of its partner brands on the page. official website.

One of the benefits of these collaborations for is that they provide high visibility and increase the credibility and value of its tokens.

Don’t hesitate any longer, time is running out!

Those who intend to buy the IMPT token no longer have time to think about it. It is time to buy the IMPT token. The operation is quite simple. You need a crypto wallet that you will need to connect to the project’s platform. Then buy IMPT tokens by paying in Tether or Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Since the current pre-sale phase is the last one, the remaining tokens will be locked for a whole year – hence the urgency to get them now! Click here to buy your tokens as soon as possible.

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