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If more women join the web3 explanation there will be greater adoption, expert says



Women continue to gain space in the cryptocurrency, web3 and blockchain industry. This was demonstrated by the first edition of the ETHSantiago 2022 event, held yesterday, Sept. 23, in the Chilean capital.

During the event, the spoken On the potential of women in cryptocurrencies. For Chilean cryptocurrency trader Graciela Castro, women are born with a natural gift for teaching and this simple language should be used to raise awareness of digital assets and the Web3.

“One of the challenges that still exist in blockchain, for example, is how to bring this knowledge to the population in a simple way, and this is something that women can do,” Castro commented.

In the panel’s opinion, this can be. one of the many contributions women can make to the field.. “If there are more women in this world, it will be easier to reach a stage of full adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain,” she added.

Graciela Castro, a cryptocurrency trader, believes that women can better explain cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Source: Youtube.

What is it like to get started in the cryptocurrency industry?

Among the questions posed to the speakers, one was about their beginnings in the cryptocurrency industry.

In this vein, Leticia López of Blu3 DAO, indicated that upon entering this world it was “overwhelming,” but She realized that being a woman is already difficult in today’s society..

Lopez regretfully commented. that you don’t see many women leading projects or take the initiative to “speak up and point out that something is not right.”

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However, he commented that the invitation to women is to be encouragedbecause after you get into the blockchain and start talking, you realize that there are many women who feel the same way, and that’s when we start to come together.”

For her part, Solange Gueiros, a Chainlink developer, recounted getting started at a very young age in Brazil: “in 2018 I was the only woman going to international events with Ethereum.”

For her, it is something more related to occupying spaces, taking advantage of absences or shortcomings, and getting to work. In those areas.

She related that in 2017 and 2018 there were events without moderators, and she decided at that time to take the initiative, ask questions, and dive into that male-led area.

Leticia López: “It is important to pass on the knowledge we are gaining.”

Lopez of Blu3 DAO, joined by. women in Latin America have the potential to develop cryptocurrenciesblockchain and web3but it must be a territory that takes a step from being a power to becoming a reality.

“Right now we are at the beginning of this world being built and it is important to pass on the knowledge we are gaining,” he said.

She explained that, in her view, when women come together they are able to share experiences, from the smallest to the largest. “This is a way to empower themselves and gain financial freedom,” she added.

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