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How Sammy Home, a home bitcoin miner, works.



During the last LaBitConf conference, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in early November 2022, our attention (and that of many attendees) was drawn to the presence of a Bitcoin mining machine submerged in coolant, installed in the convention hall.

We were able to speak with Juan Martín, a salesman from South American Miners, who explained how the Sammy Home, the name given to this device that is designed to be installed in homes and will go on sale in the next few days.

“This is more for the user who wants to keep it at home comfortably,” says Juan Martín, as he shows the punt that contains Antminer S19 J Pro miners adapted to operate in coolant immersion.

In the video accompanying this publication (and which can also be seen on the CryptoNews YouTube Channel), Juan Martín explains in detail how this system works.

Some features of the Sammy house are a display to control various functions, a 4G chip for use in case of Internet interruption, and a power consumption limiter. Thanks to its cooling system, this device allows mine bitcoin quietly. The refrigerant also increases the lifespan of the miner (it lasts about 8 years longer than miners using mechanical ventilation).

The company South American miners is a boot which specializes in the installation of Bitcoin mining farms With immersion cooling system. They perform both importation of equipment and installation and subsequent technical support. According to Juan Martin, the Sammy Home will be for sale, by this company, by the end of December this year or early January 2023.

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