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Hashflow (HFT) arrives on Binance’s Launchpool platform



Hashflow (HFT) is the latest asset launched through Binance’s Launchpool. The asset is now available for a 30-day period, which began on the 1st, during which it will be possible to get HFT locked BNB or BUSD in different pools.

Today, Nov. 7, the platform. Binance Lauchpool has launched a new asset for all users of the exchange, the Hashflow (HFT).. The Launchpool is a platform focused on staking where Binance offers the opportunity to earn new tokens for a limited period of time. To obtain these rewards it will be necessary to lock in other assets in favor of the exchangeduring this lockout period we will receive rewards for the activity, the new token in question.

Binance will allow BNB and BUSD to be blocked in separate groups until November 30.. There will be a total of 15 million HFT tokens as rewards, which is a 1.5% of the token genesis offer.. Considering that only 175 million HFT tokens are currently in circulation, Binance has obtained a large portion of the current total.

Of the 15 million tokens available through the Binance Lauchpool, the BNB pool will take 80 percent, while the BUSD pool will take only 20 percent.. Note that during the entire activity period the rewards will not change.

Usually, Binance offers several stages of productivity during the farmeo in its Launchpool, but that is not the case this time. During the 30 days, an equal amount of activity was reserved daily for each pool.which will be maintained throughout the duration of the activity. Each day 500,000 HFT tokens will be distributed, 400,000 for the BNB pool and 100,000 for the BUSD pool. The cultivation period will last until Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC).

To calculate the rewards for each participant, snapshots of the blocked balances will be taken every hour, and rewards will also be distributed every hour. Rewards can be redeemed at any time or wait until the end of the activity to collect all accumulated rewards.. If unclaimed, both profits and blocked assets will be sent to the user’s wallet. The BNB staked in the Launchpool will continue to offer the user the standard benefits of the asset, even if it is blocked.

To participate, simply log on to the Launchpoolthrough the section Binance earns On the platform. Once we get to this point, all we have to do is follow the simple steps, which basically consist of choosing the number of resources we want to block.

Today, Binance introduced Hashflow (HFT) within its innovation zone.a section reserved for newly created and possibly more volatile tokens. Currently, the asset is trading above $2.5.from the $36 peak.

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