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Google Cloud will act as Solana’s new network validator



Google Cloud announced in a unique tweet that it will begin acting as one of the validators of the Solana network.. Following the news, the price of the sol token rose to $38.5, the highest price in recent months.

November 5 last, the official Google Cloud Twitter account revealed that it would begin working directly with the Solana network.. Google’s extension would become one of the block production validators and maintain network security thereafter.. To break the news, Google Cloud mentioned the network co-founder in the press release. tweetstating that important revelations were coming.

Following this publication, other prospective news between the two companies was revealed. Google Cloud is also collaborating with Solana to bring Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana blockchain by next 2023..

On the other hand, Google Cloud is indexing Solana’s data and will bring it to BigQuery next year.. This will make it easier for Solana developers to access the chain’s historical data.

These revelations have made the value of Solana (SOL) rose more than 15 percent to $ of the highest prices in recent months. This rise also provoked a high level of selling, which added to the fact that the news was losing relevance as the days went by, brought SOL’s value down to the current $31.4. This is more in line with the asset’s price before the news broke.

So far, Solana has not lived up to the expectations of an industrial-grade blockchain. Jump Crypto is conducting a review of the network infrastructure to see if it can be improved in one or more areas.

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