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Generation ZOE victims speak out and adoption grows in Honduras



Bitcoin en español is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter in which we review the most important events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in the Hispanic world.

Among this week’s most relevant news in the Latin American ecosystem are the testimonies of Venezuelans who have invested in Generation ZOE. This is a Ponzi scheme created by Argentine Leonardo Cositorto, which has left consequences in Venezuela.

Elsewhere in the region, on September 26, the Salvadoran president posted a tweet addressed to the Bank of England, following news of the pound’s collapse to historic levels. He questioned the results of last year’s issuance by the British body.

Meanwhile, an academy has been established in Roatán, Honduras, which aims to transform the Caribbean island into bitcoin territory.. At the same time, Chile hosted ETHSantiago 2022, an Ethereum discussion and education event in Latin America.

To go into detail about the news from each Spanish-speaking country during the past week, we leave you with the most recent. Bitcoin in English.


Last September 20, a hacker member of the group Everest posted two announcements in which offered access data allegedly leaked by the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina.

In a post on the Breached forum, the hacker claimed to have “access to various financial instruments and software of the Ministry.” So far there has been no statement from the agency involved and its website is functioning normally.

However, Mauro Eldritch, a well-known hacker and leader of the hacker group DC54111, explained to CriptoNoticias that the offer did not initially appear to be true. Although “it is not a surprise that they hacked the Argentine state.”

On the other hand, news has spread that Argentines are now now have a new option For the purchase of airline tickets with token with the stable cryptocurrency USD Coin (USDC). This follows a partnership between the low-cost airline and travel industry cryptoasset company TravelX.

NFTickets, as tickets converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been renamed, can be purchased through the website by paying with Binance Pay.

Meanwhile, Argentine wrestler Guido “El Ninja” Cannetti agreed to be paid in stablecoin. It will be held Oct. 1 after facing American Randy Costa in the octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the United States.

Cannetti’s bout will be against American Randy Costa in the 135-pound category in Las Vegas. Source: Twitter.

Ninja will become the UFC’s second Latino athlete. To be paid in a currency that is not fiat.. The first to do so was Brazilian boxer Matheus Nicolau, who received BTC as a form of payment last March.

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It was also learned that Paxful, the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange, organizes. two online seminars with educational content on Bitcoin, together with the University of Palermo in Argentina. The webinars will be taught by two Paxful staff members, Jerónimo Ferrer, Business Development Associate, and Will Hernández, Growth Manager for Latin America.

Presentations will address Bitcoin and its relationship to financial inclusion in an economic context. such as Argentina and Latin America in general.

In this context, Bitso, an exchange that currently has more than 5 million users worldwide, has made a new announcement. This is the launch of a new service in Argentina: cryptocurrency payments via QR code.

This novelty takes advantage of Argentina’s existing interoperable QR payment system.. According to a MercadoPago executive, more than one million merchants in Argentina have already incorporated the QR code payment system.


The organizers of Devcon, a conference for Ethereum developers that will be held in Colombia between October 11 and 14, registration is open for projects interested in accessing quadratic funding..

The initiative is run by several local communities such as ETH Colombia, ETH Honduras, and ETH Latam.

The goal of the program is to support the development of 124 local projects. Through a distributed financial contribution through the quadratic financing model. This method consists of one or more companies or organizations contributing money that is collected in a matched pool By means of a smart contract.


On September 23 and 24, Ethereum Santiago was held in Chile, an event where thousands of people gathered to discuss the technology, and to educate about Ethereum in Latin America..

The event was organized by local pioneers on Ethereum to provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs and all those who wish to build a new financial system, based on decentralization.

In this regard, Cristóbal Pereira, director of the Blockchain Academy Chile, noted the interest in the second most important cryptocurrency in the ecosystem. Has increased particularly in Latin America.

ETHSantiago 2022 was also timely. Artists seeking to enter the NFT market. and monetize their works.

Second the recommendations of the digital artists who gathered at the event, the most important thing is to appeal to the connection with the community in the art environment, as well as to observe before entering the ecosystem..

El Salvador

After the British pound fell to all-time lows against the U.S. dollar, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele said the pound was being market surveyed, mocked the “concern” that the institute showed last year about bitcoin adoption in the Central American country.

On Twitter, Salvadoran President posted a message labeled Bank of England..

He wrote briefly, “I told you so!” With this sentence he referred to the news reported by CryptoNews this Monday, September 26, noting that the U.K.’s national currency has given up nearly 5 percent, reaching a low not seen in 37 years.

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This same week Bukele also asked the United Nations. (UN) that countries and organizations critical of its government let your country move toward freedom.including financial freedom.

The president attended the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States. On that occasion he criticized world powers, calling them “powerful” who do not respect his country’s right to be free, independent and sovereign.

However, the U.S. rating agency Fitch Ratings, downgraded for the second time For the second time this year, El Salvador’s credit rating.. The rating was downgraded from CCC (substantial credit risk) to CC (very high levels of credit risk). The decision is prompted by the maturity of the $800 million external bonds in January 2023.

For her part, Leonor Selva, executive director of the ANEP (National Association of Private Enterprises) of El Salvador, said that in the country seeks technological transformation. at the enterprise level, but bitcoin is not part of it.

Despite the nation having the digital asset as legal tender, ANEP reported a “reduction in the use of bitcoin” by businesses.

Meanwhile, a tourist destination several miles away from Latin America. reminiscent of Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador. In the Philippines, the small island of Borácay (now called Bitcoin Island or Bitcoin Island). has recognized itself as a cryptocurrency expert.. Inspired by this Salvadoran citadel, they offer lodging, dining, and tourism services with the first cryptocurrency as the protagonist.


In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the company ATMbitbit. has installed its first ATMbit which will allow users to convert their change or loose change into bitcoin.

The ATM is specifically located at Calle Marcelo Usera 82, in the Real Cash store. The machine allows 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1 and 2 coins and 5, 10 and 20 euro bills to be converted into bitcoin, according to CoinATMRadar data. The cashier operates exclusively on Bitcoin’s Lightning network..


On the island of Roatan in Honduras, the ArmitAge academy. promotes the adoption of bitcoin, with the idea of turning it into a Caribbean island territory. Of the cryptocurrency pioneer.

According to the academy’s website, the founders are Gabo Kozak and Dusan Matuska, two Slovaks who decided to land on Honduran soil. with the aim of bringing financial education to the people.. Both believe that cryptocurrencies are ideal for learning how to protect one’s assets from inflation or the decisions of banks and governments.

Dusan Matuska wants to bring bitcoin-based education to the entire population of the island of Roatan, regardless of their age. Source: Twitter/AmityAge.


Total loss of savings, psychological problems, and even a suicide attempt, were the consequences faced by a number of people who have pinned their hopes on Generation ZOE’s alleged Ponzi scheme.At its headquarters in Venezuela.

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“For me it was psychologically terrible, many of us lost our savings, I knew the case of a man who attempted suicide because of the heavy economic losses he suffered after joining Generation ZOE in Venezuela,” one of the victims, who preferred to remain anonymous, told CryptoNews.

The scheme arrived in Venezuela in 2020. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and at a time of economic vulnerability, it offered investors alleged profits ranging from 7.5 percent to 10 percent per month with dollar returns.

It was expectations that have not been met and are part of the complaints. that these people make to Venezuelan authorities.

Pictured, left to right, are Mónico Carvajal, Blanca Torres and Leonardo Cositorto. Source: pbs.twimg.

A new policy imposed by Venezuelan banking entities (public and private). reinforces the restriction on citizens’ access to cash. The measure, which was first applied with bolivars, is now extrapolated to dollars.

The decision to restrict the delivery of cash dollars to citizens with foreign currency accounts is in response to orders from the Superintendency of Banking (Sudeban) and the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) itself. In accordance with this requirement, most banks Have established a maximum withdrawal amount.

Events of the week

Among the events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the region for this week, the following stand out. CryptoNews Calendar:

  • Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 29Introductory online course “Introduction to bitcoin and cryptoeconomics,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Thursday, September 28Streaming webinar “Introductory talk on bitcoin and blockchain 2022,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Saturday, September 30Face-to-face event in Argentina “Introduction to blockchain and NFT, an opportunity for artists,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Saturday, September 30On-site event in Bahía Blanca, Argentina “DescentralizAR 2022,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

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