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Game7 launches 100 million grant for Web3 game development



Game7 has launched a new grant program in which it will distribute $100 million to accelerate Web3 game development.. The total of $100 million will be divided over the next 5 years, with $20 million invested each year.

Last 28th, Game7 has launched its new $100 million grant program aimed at accelerating the development of the Web3 game industry.. The organization acknowledged that the blockchain-based games industry is just beginning, and to support its growth, it announced that it is going to develop and deepen is a key point for attracting new users and developers.

Game7 is an autonomous and decentralized organization., DAOfounded in the American city of San Francisco. The organization was created with the goal of accelerating the economic adoption of games created on blockchain. support of BitDAO and Fortewho have pledged a total of $500 million as part of Game7’s reserves.

Game7’s new proposal

The new grant/development program of Game7 has allocated a total of $100 million to be distributed over the next 5 years, $20 million per year.. The capital will be distributed to Web3 game projects in the following categories:

  • Technology.
  • Events.
  • Diversity.
  • Education
  • Search.

The funds can be used freely by the developers themselves, again under the supervision of Game7. In order to simplify the investment, Game7 pointed out that the assets can be used for: cback tools, create educational programs, organize events, and conduct research.. The latter point seeks to use research to create a more diverse and accessible Web3 video game industry.

The goal is to improve the quality of Web3 games.Game7 conducted a survey of 100 Web3 game projects with possible weaknesses.. These weaknesses focused on the choice of blockchain, wallet custody, sustainability issues. and others. Projects that seek solutions to these issues in their games will also be eligible for the grants awarded.

Developing this new program, Game7 was supported by the Polygon, Solana, Immutable and Arbitrum ecosystems.who see the initiative as an expansion option for their own interests. Game7 described the project as a “The program is inclusive and cross-chain.“The arrival of support from other ecosystems has not been ruled out.

Game7’s grants portal is now operational. Any Web3 video game project under development or already completed can apply for support from the initiative as of yesterday.

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