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FTX CEO is in the Bahamas, not Argentina: Reuters



Key facts:
  • According to Reuters, FTX’s CEO answered “no” when asked if he was in Argentina.

  • Thousands of people were monitoring the flight on which he would be traveling.

Reuters says it has received confirmation from FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried himself that he is in the Bahamas and not in Argentina, as claimed by recent rumors. With a simple “no,” the businessman dismissed the rumors on Twitter.

A few hours ago tracking agencies or flight tracking agencies indicated that the LV-KEB flight from Nassau City to Argentina was the most monitored flight in the world at that time. At the time. it was believed That Bankman-Fried was in charge of itThere has been speculation that the former CEO of the stock exchange fled to the Falkland Islands to escape the law.

All the hype is about the possibility of the FTX CEO’s escape, due to the implosion of the exchange in recent days, resulting in the loss of at least $8 billion belonging to companies and users. Rumors filled social media after $600 million was stolen from the exchange in the early hours of this morning by an alleged hacker.

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