WIX also accepts Bitcoin | Close agreement with BitPay

Another big step forward for the adoption of crypto-monnaies worldwide. WIX, the popular service for creating Websites announced the partnership with BitPay.

A partnership that will allow the popular service to receive payments also via 12 different cryptocurrencies - those supported by BitPay. This will not be important for the volumes concerned, but which marks a new stage in the adoption of crypto-monnaies worldwide.

A Positive feeling a day that offers a good window of entry into the market given the relatively low prices. We can find the 12 cryptocurrencies accepted by BitPay and therefore also operational on WIX on the Capital.com platform (go here to get free unlimited demo account). Inside over 235+ cryptocurrencies - on which to operate both with the web platform, and instead with MetaTrader 4, which also allows the automatic trading.

We can also choose TradingView and proprietary web platform - and to switch to a real account just 20 euros.

BitPay and WIX Together: Most Popular Service For Building Websites Will Accept Cryptocurrencies

And this is an extremely important step forward for Bitcoin and for others 11 cryptocurrencies accepted by the service BitPay. Service that many, especially among critics of the most raw cryptocurrencies a joke - and which today works with thousands of companies around the world, including giants like WIX.

Among the other accepted cryptocurrencies we also find Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin Et Ethereum - for a framework that involves all the main piece of money which can be used as a payment system and which have a good market capitalization. The service will be launched as a pilot in USA, In the UK, In Brazil, Australia, Canada Et Germany, to then be distributed in other countries.

Most important is that the support of BitPay it will also be extended to those who use it WIX to sell their services and products: thus greatly increasing the base of online stores that can accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

We continue to integrate innovative payment systems to give merchants on Wix more ways to deliver to their customers. With BitPay we will have access to a new market of customers who prefer to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies - and for traders it will be an opportunity to grow their business with a focus on the explosive crypto market.

This is the comment of Omer Shatzky - head of the Payments section at Wix - who did not hide his enthusiasm for this new initiative of the group.

What does this mean for the cryptocurrency world?

This is another sign of the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. WIX is part of the culture pop, as well as a service used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. The volumes will not be what it would guarantee Amazon, but it's still a huge sign in the right direction.

All of this while cryptocurrencies are having a relatively flat day - providing a good window of entry for those looking to increase their exposure. One step at a time, conquering the world - as no one, not even the maximalists, would ever have imagined.

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