VVS Finance continues to fly | Our first analysis of the protocol

The world of decentralized finance, we have been repeating for some time, it is far from being resolved. New projects are emerging, many of which are interesting and forward-looking. In the case of VVS Finance yet we are in front of a unicum for a whole series of reasons that we will explain in detail in this article first study.

SMA and protocol cash, plumbing has the advantage of being a system that works on the newborn Blockchain CronosLed by Crypto.com and that, at least in the intentions, should put this exchange on an equal footing in terms of services, at least with Binance.

plumbing is one of the tokens available exclusively on Crypto.com - go here to open your account and get an exclusive $ 25 bonus - intermediary which may also be ideal for other types of investment in the world cryptography, because it offers access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies, among the most famous and not.

We also have the possibility of obtaining passive income with the Compressor and with the staking included in the app. We can also get $ CRO for free, with the new program Mission.

VVS: what is it and how does it work

At first glance plumbing can only remember SMA, Or automated market maker that allow you to do exchange among the main tokens and coins. A protocol therefore similar to Uniswap and also to Sushiwap, which, however, functions relatively agnostically compared to the original protocol of origin of the token.

By visiting the Official website and by logging in with our wallet, we can immediately access the services de plumbing, including the provision of liquidity with Return very interesting - as well as the exchange himself, swap only one for now handful of cryptocurrencies, with installments that we do not find entirely convincing.

However, there is something to be said about plumbing, which is a negative side for those who take a cursory glance at the protocol - and for those who actually have the perspective of how these types of services work, an extremely positive side.

The liquidity available on this service is still relatively low - at least compared to most protocols. emblazoned - and that means it is broadcast between the market price of tokens and the exchange price on the platform can sometimes be higher than that of the competition. Why would we find such an advantageous situation? We will explain it shortly.

A token that flies despite its infancy

The incredible price increase is to be seen as very interesting not only for those who speculate on the short term, but also for those who move towards wider horizons. Indeed, transaction volumes are still relatively low on plumbing, just as the liquidity blocked on the protocol is relatively contained.

In such an embryonic situation, having a growth so interesting that it allows you to have a decidedly bullish outlook for the way Et longue period. Without forgetting other fundamentals: we are still talking about exchange more important on the blockchain than a exchange in very strong growth.

Just as it grows so quickly $ CRO, of which it is the referral token of this whole brand ecosystem Crypto.com. Yes, plumbing it still looks like a good market opportunity - especially for those who don't have a problem with even a medium-term horizon and can handle some volatility that we think is physiological for this type of launch.

Critics' question concerns the possibility of another claim SMA, in an already busy area. We think there is space - and that plumbing may also in the future expand its range of couples offered. Having behind Crypto.com can only give hope for the future of this new protocol.

THE big returns available for the moment on VVS automatic staking (this is another reason that could push many to pounce on this cryptocurrency, with foresight, however, to consider how fixed and stable ces APY - for the moment, however, there may not be a protocol capable of providing feedback of this type.

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