Voyager is bankrupt! | Proceedings initiated in New York

All the knots come to the head, even those of which in 3AC he had believed in it and had probably tied the destinies of his own company to it. Let's talk about Travelerwhich depending on when it was reported by Bloomberg filed for bankruptcy protection in New York court.

An epilogue that seems to be the only one possible. with Capital of the Three Arrows which in all likelihood will be remembered as the Lehman Brothers of the biggest crisis in the history of cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, good news, because thanks to the courts it will be possible on the one hand to put an end to the infection, on the other hand to effectively understand the substances of these groups. One can invest in the market that "heals", keeping in mind the risks, even with the platform - go here to get virtual trial account with INFINITE trial capital – intermediary that allows us to operate on 476+ coins already included in the price list.

We also have tools such as Meta Trader 4the most used platform by professionals also for non-cryptographic markets, e TradingView which can be integrated into the web-trader via browser, which also integrates artificial intelligence for portfolio analysis. So they are enough for us 20 € to switch to a real account.

Voyager is also capitulating – but that's not necessarily bad news

Better a quick death than a long agony, at least in the world of finance and those who offer such services. And that is precisely what, at least in our opinion, the world needs cryptounfortunately decimated by a infection who started leaving terra luna fissure and who then involved Capital of the Three Arrows and so many other investment companies, which turned out to be huge leverage boxes, which paid dearly for the decline in value of Bitcoin and many other projects in the crypto world.

What the Collapse Means Now for Traveler the need to carry me books in court, or to initiate a procedure for filing for bankruptcy pursuant to Chapter 11, and therefore the brain death first and then definitive of the group. Not bad, unfortunately necessary hygiene and an equally positive humiliation for all those who thought they could control the market or in any case of move always on the rise, taking risks that no investor should take.

With the possibility that Traveler may she not be the last to fall and leave the space she had so boldly occupied just a few weeks ago.

In the meantime, however, Celsius...

The good news comes from Celsius, which covers part of its positionsputting large sums on the table even without having communicated the origin of the capital nor the Salt who would be behind, or the repayment plan possible that has been put in place.

Clearly something to cherish even when the overall market situation has returned to some calm. Because if it is decentralized finance at will, because if it is the transparency that the blockchain can guarantee at will, the operators of the future will have to be asked to operate on completely different tariffs, at least in our opinion. Because it is, and we also wrote it on Twitter last night, intolerable that nothing is known about the movements of a company which for the moment still sees withdrawals blocked for its customers.

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