You can only pay with Bitcoin | Hublot's new exclusive model

Hublot will accept payment in Bitcoin for a limited edition of only 200 pieces from its Big Bang Unico collection. The exclusive Swiss watchmaker is once again exploring the possibilities offered by crypto-monnaies Et block chainadding to the wide range of luxury brands already present in the ecosystem.

The brand had already opened a BitPay for purchases in one of its boutiques on American soil, where it has long been possible to purchase exclusive Swiss watches using the cryptocurrency for excellence. Yet another confirmation of the attractiveness of the sector in the eyes of luxury companies which, with their precious pieces, seem not to fear the current storm, visibly experienced as a transitional phase.

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Hublot still bets on Bitcoin

Producer of some of the most exclusive watches of the moment, Hublot was born in Switzerland relatively recently. To be precise, it dates back to 1976 the foundation of the Italian company and rich Carlo Crocowho previously worked for the group braille.

Our man emigrates to Switzerland to seek his fortune, achieving the goal in a very short time. In less than 20 years Hublot becomes a real slot machine, thanks to lucky collections among which it stands out Big Bang. The line is making a name for itself today, with the company announcing a 200-piece limited run of Single Big Bangfor which the purchase is intended Bitcoin as the only means of payment.

The operation is coupled with the possibility of buying the precious Swiss watches using the same cryptocurrency Et BitPay, in a physical brand store on American soil. The States confirm themselves as a land of reference for the launch of pilot projects in a cryptographic key, especially if to test the waters are luxury brands the likes of Gucci.

Back to talk about it too BitPayadd Hublot to the list of high-sounding names that have chosen it as their partner for cryptocurrency payments. Lately we told you about the agreement with Vuelingthanks to which it will be possible to buy plane tickets in Ethereum, bitcoin money, Litecoin and other digital currencies.

The luxury that increasingly speaks the language of Bitcoin

Coming back to the luxury business, the presence of Hublot in the world of crypto, it further enriches a floor that includes brands such as Keringbrand owner among others Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger increasingly struggling with Web3 Et metaverseand another big name in the watch industry: TAG Hour.

We told you about the watchmaker, also Swiss, and his forays into the field NFT a few days ago, on the occasion of the launch of a smartwatch capable of displaying Non Fungible Token directly from their screen.

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