Vertu launches its new smartphone… in NFT!

VertuFrench manufacturer of luxury smartphones, launches a collection NFT on the occasion of his twenty-second birthday. A vast and complex operation, with collectibles to be declined in the form of very expensive smartphones, luxury cars, prices in crypto-monnaies and charitable donations.

The program of the French cousins ​​​​is resolutely articulated, and also includes the development of encryption for calls and messaging on chain. Another luxury brand that is not intimidated by market trends, and is entering the world of crypto-monnaies. With an exceptional exchange behind.

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Vertu and the smartphone sold… in NFT

Vertu is a company that produces in France smartphone luxury by relying on innovative materials, partly artisanal manufacturing, a degree of customization never before seen in this product category and avant-garde hardware. To give an idea in numbers, some of their products have reached prices of around 1 Bitcoinat the current exchange rate.

Let's talk about the not quite rosy present of cryptocurrency par excellence, which in any case turns out to be holding up better than others, and the glitzy past of a company that seems not to care about the ongoing crypto storm, and thus begins to sell NFT in declination smartphone.

Dance Vertu leads the twenty-second year of telephone sizeand to celebrate the anniversary they launched Constellation X Ulmavailable today in a limited series of 10 555 specimens. To be more precise, it is now possible to buy Non-fungible token who will certify the ownership of the smartphone real, which will be delivered to their respective owners by February Next year.

We used to say all the French flair, but that's not all. And especially in key block chain: buyers will be able to decide not to buy back the phone, keep the digital collectibles and with them certify access to a business club it speaks to us so much metaverseand who responds to the name VIRTUE 3.0.

The first 1 NFT will be on sale on Binancenot a detail if we consider the habit, this time quite Chinese, of this old fox of CZ, to put your hands in the right places at the right time. What, even in a bear market, remains theexchange largest in the world by volume of transactions, and capable of making broad shoulders at the regulation tablesIs a kind of King Midas from the crypto world: everything he touches becomes gold.

Binance is part of the deal

The same exchange as denied rumors about buying Bitcoinshowing a thoughtful attitude and leaving behind the speculations of the affair, instead invested in something which, given its presence, must necessarily have an interesting background of what to show.

And indeed the operation Vertu hides something deeper, which goes far beyond the mere fact of throwing a luxury product in the form of presale NFT. Thanks to the collaboration with CommuniTake, the French are developing an advanced cryptographic system that will equip the next smartphones, to ensure the confidentiality of conversations and messaging between users. All of this, of course, using technologies based on chain.

But there is more: who will buy the NFT issued on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of Vertu may receive gifts in crypto-monnaies and take part in the raffle 4 Bentleys limited edition. The company will finally make a donation half a million dollars per Doctors Without Borderscommendable initiative that for us, it's like deja vuas we find ourselves commenting on the happy union between the world of crypto, automotive and charity.

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