Uniswap integrates Genie for NFTs | And there will also be an Airdrop

Shopping for uniswapwho benefits from bear market to expand its position and acquire Geniusaggregator NFT of the world of Ethereumwhich will also combine a airdrop.

The most popular of automated market maker in Ethereum and so on a global scale he thus broadens his goals, doing what more or less all middlemen and all projects that have cash in hand will try to do, or spend now in the bear market and with lower prices , then explode financially in the future, when the market started to turn again.

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Uniswap stores: acquisition of Genie for NFTs

Even the market NFT he is in great distress, suffering which is an immediate consequence of a crypto market which has seen a huge amount of liquidity disappear in a few weeks, following a crisis time which, in all likelihood, will continue to produce its effects, before the trend reversal which is in any case linked to the choices of the main central banks.

uniswap however, she was not intimidated and took the opportunity to take her home Geniusaggregator NFTwhich according to the plans of the group that manages the automatic exchange should help integrate other types of digital assets in addition to tokens ERC 20launching us as well as effective ultimate hub and automatic for everything that happens in the region Ethereum.

According to what was later confirmed directly on the official band blog there will be a first integration of Genius through the WebAppwith further integration at the protocol level that could make interaction with the NFT through uniswap even simpler and more direct.

An important step in this world of Web3 that many deem empty but which nonetheless continues to attract important capitals and which will in all likelihood be one of the flagship sectors of the cryptosphere.

Future airdrop with USDC

Still according to what was reported by uniswapthere will be an airdrop soon USD coin, based on a snapshot that would have already been taken. It is also a sign that the group aims to strengthen the community that revolves around the project in what is perhaps one of the most difficult times for the entire sector.

Excellent sign, which is also an answer to those who wondered what future many protocols that have been the flagship of the running of the bulls and who are now facing market conditions that have probably never been seen before.

Whoever spends today, it is our prophecy, will in all likelihood have a significant advantage over those who cut, either out of necessity or out of fear.

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